How to Update WordPress PHP by Plesk Easy and Fast

Have you gotten an alert saying “PHP needs to be updated” in your WordPress panel and you don’t know what it means? Don’t worry, in the following MrAppsGeek tutorial you will learn how to update WordPress PHP by Plesk step by step .

What is PHP and what is it for?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a programming language used for creating dynamic web pages . This code is open, free and cross-platform and is embedded within the HTML and will be executed by the server .

What Is The Latest PHP Version In 2023 ?

The most recent version of PHP is 7 which is undergoing various revisions over time to improve performance, security, speed and stability . You can check which is the latest version of PHP in the following link .

What is the best version ?

The best version will always be the last one since it will incorporate improvements in terms of speed, stability and security. However , it is always advisable to install the penultimate version available since having the most up-to-date version could cause problems at the CMS and plug -in level .

Is it necessary to update PHP ?

It is not mandatory, but it is very necessary since the latest versions will always be faster and will provide stability improvements, in addition to correcting vulnerabilities. On the other hand, having an outdated version of PHP may present incompatibilities with more current plugins and the possibility that attackers can find vulnerabilities in your WordPress .

How to Update PHP in Plesk Easy and Fast 2023

To update to the latest version of PHP in Plesk we must enter the web that we want to update in our server panel . Once inside we will click on the section that says “PHP Configuration” (the version we currently have will appear here).

  1. Here we will give the current version of PHP that we have installed in Plesk .
  2. A list with the available versions will appear, it is always highly recommended to install the penultimate update available to avoid incompatibilities .
  1. Finally we click on “Apply” .
  2. And then we click on “OK” .

And in this way we can update the PHP of the server through the Plesk panel easily and quickly . If you have any questions you can always express your opinions in comments, don’t forget to share this article with your social networks, that helps me make more content like this…