How to Upload and Share Files in Google Drive From Your Mobile

Knowing how to use Google Drive is a resource that every user should know since it will allow you to store all kinds of files on the Internet . This powerful tool together with a Smartphone is a good combination to be able to take large amounts of information wherever you go. For this reason, today in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to upload and share files in Google Drive from your mobile step by step .

What is Google Drive and what is it for?

Google Drive is an online storage service that allows you to save and access your files from anywhere and on any device connected to the Internet. With Google Drive, you can store all kinds of files, such as documents, pictures, videos, and music , and easily share them with others. You can also use this tool for real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In short, it is very useful for saving and sharing files online safely and efficiently .

How much free space does a Google Drive account have?

Each Gmail account has 15 Gb free , with the possibility of being extended upon payment.

How to Enter Google Drive From Mobile Easy and Fast 2023

The first thing we must do is download the official application from the different mobile stores that exist.

Download Google Drive Free 2023

How To Upload A File In Google Drive From The Cell Phone Step by Step 2023

The first time we must log in with our Gmail account . Once we are inside to upload a document to the platform we must press the “+” symbol that is located just below on the right.

This will bring up a menu at the bottom of the screen with various options. Among all of them, we must select the one that says “Upload” .

This will take us directly to the file explorer where we will have to do the following:

  1. We select the image, document, folder or files that we want to upload to Drive .
  2. Once chosen we will click on “Select” .

Share A File In Google Drive From The Mobile Easy and Fast 2023

To share a file in Google Drive from the cell phone , we must click on the 3 vertical points located in the lower right corner of the item to be sent.

A menu will open at the bottom of the screen in which we must select the “Share” option .

By default access will be restricted , so we must change the status to be able to share the link with any user .

  1. We select the “General Access” option to “Anyone with the link” .
  2. Finally, we must copy and paste said link in the icon that is just above to the right.

How to Upload and Share a Google Drive File from PC 2023

We will also have the possibility of uploading and sharing files in Google Drive from the PC by following these instructions or the instructions in this video.

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