How to USE FlipBoard in Spanish

It is easy to get lost in a world full of news , although it is true that we can add certain media as favorites to Twitter, this does not mean that the news does not fly and is difficult to follow. His thing would be to have all the means of communication in one to avoid fragmentation. This is where Flipboard comes in, an application to unify news sources according to our tastes.

What is FlipBoard?

Flipboard is an app that collects and allows us to read filtered news to our liking in an orderly and very fast way .

What is FlipBoard used for on Android?

We can use Flipboard as a magazine in Spanish , in this way we can be aware of all the current information and news in a categorical way. That is, we can see various sources of information depending on what interests us at that time.

Download FlipBoard For Android Free

Download the flipboard APK from the Play Store for free from the following link .

How to USE FlipBoard in Spanish

Knowing how Flipboard works is very simple, once we run it for the first time, the application will ask us… what interests you? . This is where we will choose at least 3 news and click on “Continue” .

How Flip Board Works

The use is easy and intuitive , we just have to click on one of the categories to see a good range of blogs that talk about that subject . For example, if we want to know about “Technology and Science” we will enter its corresponding category.


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