How to Use Google Maps WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION on Android

Has it ever happened to you that you are ready to use Google Maps and you do not have a data connection ? Do not worry about it anymore, I am going to show you how to use Google Maps without an internet connection on Android .

The first thing to note is that this method of google maps without internet works on IOS as well and is tremendously simple. You just have to follow the steps below and you will be able to use the GPS without an Internet connection .

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How to use Google Maps offline on Android

The first thing we have to do to use offline maps is the following:

We open the Google Maps application

First we open Google Maps and above all we select the map we want to have. In this case I have written “Huelva” , a city in Andalusia that, of course, appears on the map of Spain.

Once we have seen the area of ​​which we want to have the maps without Internet . Click on the name below as in the photo. In my case “Huelva” and a new menu will open to download the maps without an Internet connection .

Download maps without internet connection

Once the name in the lower left corner has been pressed ( “Huelva” , in my case), we will see a menu like the one in the photo. Obviously to use Google Maps without Internet , we will have to give the download option.

Then we will get an information window with the size of the maps without Internet connection to download and the free space we have on our device. Again, we click on download .

We can now enjoy our Google Maps and GPS without an Internet connection .

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How to know where the maps are saved without Internet connection?

If you don’t know where Google Maps saves offline maps, it’s very simple, just see the following photos. The first thing we have to do is click on the top left and the following menu will appear. In it you will see different options, offline maps are saved where it says “Offline areas”.

Within “Offline areas”, we can see the megabytes that the maps occupy and how much is left before they expire, since they only last 30 days.

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