How to use infinite filters for your photos

Most of the applications for photo editing include, among their tools, one for adding filters, in order to give a special touch to the images. Infltr ranks high in this field.

In fact, those responsible for this application tell us the following: « Why limit yourself to the few filters that come with photo applications? Apply all the filters you want, only available through Infltr , and get perfect photos! «

What does Inflt offer?

It is an application for applying filters to photographs , as we have indicated. Apart from working on Mac computers, it is defined as the most powerful photo editor for iOS . It works perfectly on iPhone and iPad mobile devices. There is also a version of the program for iMessage.

It is a powerful tool that is ideal for advanced photographers as well as for beginners. Not only does it allow you to carry out extensive retouching, with the addition of original filters on photos, but also on videos, in all kinds of formats.

The operation is very simple. You just have to slide your finger on the screen of the mobile device or the mouse pointer on the computer with macOS to change the filter. When we consider that what we have just achieved is what we want, we end the process. If we regret the decision made, we can restart the adjustments by changing the filter.

By installing this application you can start experimenting and discover what you are capable of. It’s all a matter of taking your work easy and letting the magic mark the results.

Among the options offered by Infltr are the following:

  • It offers more than 7 million possible filters. By refining each image you will create your own filter.
  • It implements 28 great value editing tools. You just have to adapt your favorite filters to suit you and make them perfect.
  • Automatically add filters when taking photos or after editing images.
  • Includes video tools for specific purposes. They are intended to crop, speed up, get slow motion, or add music, among other possibilities.

To consider

In addition to what has already been indicated, Infltr also offers, as indicated by those responsible for the application, the following:

In just a few clicks, edit photos, videos, Live Photos, animated GIFs, and depth photos with tools that let you crop and rotate images, plus edits like perspective, straighten, rotate, sharpen, saturation, contrast, brightness, vignetting, temperature, tint, tone, selective HSL, double exposure, highlights, shadows, highlight and shadow tint, fade, grain, color shift, color overlay, and exposure .


It is possible to do a quick check of the application’s support website after accessing Infltr . To proceed to download it, you must access the App Store . There are, as we have already indicated, versions for macOS, iPhone, iPad and iMessage. This is a free app that offers in-app purchases.