How to use mobile as a router on android

The Internet is a very necessary tool today, everything is integrated into the network of networks from the innocent messages you send to your girlfriend on WhatsApp to your bank transfers . This seems to be very good, the problem lies when for whatever reason you cannot use your home connection to do your work, browse or play online , this seems to be nonsense, but it is nevertheless something very common, for which today we are going to see one of the great uses that we can give our cell phone and that is that you may not know it but you can use your mobile as a router on Android thanks to tethering .

What is TeThering and what is it for?

Tethering is a system that allows us to share the data of our telephone company with our PC or any device that can connect to the Internet. This system offers us the possibility of creating a WiFi hotspot , providing Internet via USB or even Bluetooth .

How to use the mobile as a router?

First of all, you must make sure that your company is not going to charge you extra charges for this service , although normally all companies allow us to use the mobile modem without additional costs .

How to give WiFi from the mobile?

To use mobile as WiFi modem we must follow the following steps. The first of all is to go to “Settings” , inside we will see a menu but the section that interests us is the one that says “Network and Internet” , it is possible that depending on your Smartphone it puts something similar, however you must enter there to use your mobile as modem .

How Can Data Be Shared ?

We are in the section where the data of our terminal is configured, to use the mobile as a router we must look for the option that says “WiFi Zone / Share Connection” .

Use Android Mobile As Modem

Now we have different options to use our mobile as a router.

  1. Use mobile as a USB router (Ideal to not lose connection and share it with PC).
  2. Create a WiFi access point (Ideal for sharing mobile data over WiFi).
  3. Configure the WiFi access point (We can put the type of encryption and the key to access the WiFi point.
  4. Share connection via Bluetooth .

I can’t use my mobile as a modem

Find out from your company if they allow you to use your mobile as a router , there are some that have the tethering service disabled.

I hope that it has become clear to you how to use your mobile as a modem , if you have had any questions you can always leave me a comment. You have the social media buttons to share this content, thanks for your time have a great day.