How To Use Samsung Dex PC Mode Over WiFi

Not long ago at MrAppsGeek we made a tutorial in which we showed you how to use PC mode with Samsung Dex . The only problem with this functionality is that we needed a cable to be able to connect our Smartphone to the computer to use this desktop version. Luckily technology always evolves in our favor and now if you have a Samsung Galaxy with Android 11 you can use Samsung Dex’s PC mode over WiFi or in other words… without cables.

What is Samsung Dex Wireless and what is it for?

Samsung Dex is a very useful functionality that Samsung Galaxy family phones have, specifically the models:

  • S8.
  • S9.
  • S10.
  • S20.
  • S20 FE.
  • s21.

This function allows you to project your phone on a larger screen (such as a computer, laptop or Smart TV) but in a desktop format version. In this way we can use our entire Android device as if it were a PC , connecting all kinds of peripherals such as keyboard, mouse , microphone… and running all kinds of programs such as emulators .

The only drawback is that in the past we needed a Smart Hub cable to access this feature. However, now with Android 11 we can access Samsung Dex’s PC mode wirelessly, below we will explain how to do it.

What do I need to use Samsung Dex over WiFi?

To use Samsung PC mode wirelessly you need to meet all of these requirements:

  1. Have one of the following devices with Android 11 and compatible with this technology: S8, S9, S10, S20, S20 FE, S21 .
  2. Have a computer or laptop.
  3. Install the Samsung Dex program from the official page on the PC.
  4. That both devices are on the same WiFi network .

Download Samsung Dex On PC Free 2023

You can download the Samsung Dex program for Windows 10, 8 and 7 and for MAC from the following link .

This will start a download on our computer of the SamsungDexSetup.exe file . Once we have it on our hard drive we must click on it to start its installation .

Finally we accept the terms and click on “Next” .

How to Connect Samsung Dex Wireless Step by Step 2023

The next step would be to activate wireless Samsung Dex in our Galaxy , for this we must follow these steps:

  1. We slide the notification panel.
  2. We activate the «Dex» icon .

Here we will have 2 ways to enjoy the experience:

  1. On TV or Monitor.
  2. on PC .

In my case I have selected option 2 since I am going to use it on the computer.

Remember that both devices must be connected under the same WiFi network since in that case it will not work. If you have followed the previous steps to the letter, now in “connect wirelessly” the computer to which we want to link our mobile device should appear.

It will ask us if we want to log in, thus showing all the information of our Galaxy on the screen but in desktop format. We will then click on “Login Session” .

And this would be the result, a PC with Android projected directly from our Galaxy, from which we can play games, launch applications and even transfer files, documents and photos from our computer to our Smartphone (and vice versa) without cables .

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