How to View Pending Updates on Android

Many are those who choose their terminal based on the updates it receives. And it is that an updated device lasts longer in time since improvements are continuously incorporated at the software level that prevent your terminal from falling into oblivion. However, not all devices usually receive updates periodically , in fact, Chinese mobiles are usually exempt from them. Another reason why your terminal is not usually updated is that there are times when we will have to verify said update manually .

How to Check for Updates on Android

It should be noted that as a general rule , software updates are received automatically and will reach us as a notification . It is true that sometimes the notifications do not reach us correctly, so we will have to check it manually . Therefore, if you have asked yourself the question of how to see pending updates on Android? , You have come to the right place.

How to View Pending Updates on Android

Whether you receive notifications of software updates or not, this tutorial will help you find out if you have any updates in your tray. To find out, you just have to follow these steps.

See Settings

We enter settings and look for the telephone information section .

System Update

Once inside “Phone Information” we look for “System Update” . Once located we enter said section.

Check Updates

If we do not have pending updates on Android , we may have to check if there are updates .


In the case of having an update… update . Always being up to date with the latest version is always beneficial both in terms of battery, security, performance…

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