How to watch Operación Triunfo The Reunion TVE Online

Have you ever wondered what happened to the contestants of Operación Triunfo ? And the thing is that everyone remembers David Bisbal, Chenoa, Bustamante, Rosa … well basically these were the singers of Operación Triunfo who have triumphed . But… what happened to the others? Would you like to see them all together at the same time? Now you can, since OT has returned , so, in this post we are going to learn how to see Operación Triunfo el Reencuentro TVE Online .

How to watch Operación Triunfo The Reunion TVE Online

If you want to see Operación Triunfo the TVE Online Reunion on your computer, tablet or mobile, you will have to follow this tutorial.

Watch Operación Triunfo the Documentary Reunion on PC

Do not ask more about “when Operación Triunfo returns” and start enjoying OT from the following link of TVE Española .

Download TVE à la carte to see Operación Triunfo the Reunion on mobiles and tablets

You can download the Spanish TVE app for Tablets and Mobiles from the following links:

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How to watch OT the Reunion with the TVE app on demand

The first thing we have to do to see OT the Reunion is open the official TVE app and open the “a la carte” section, as in the photo:

Now the next thing to see OT the reunion is to hit the search engine or popular, the program is easily visible.

Now we will only have to search for the chapter we want and click on the “Play” icon to see Operación Triunfo El Reencuentro TVE Online.

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