If you have ever read something or seen a documentary about Leonardo Da Vinci , one of the things that characterized him was mirror writing . He used this technique to try to hide his investigations from the curious , to unravel his secrets it was enough to use a mirror in his writings and you could see what he put in them. It is possible that you have ever wondered how to write backwards on Android , because it is something as simple as continue reading.

What is the use of writing backwards?

Well, today it is not very useful, for example, in ambulances it can be read backwards. The reason for this is so that you can read the word “Ambulance” when you use the car’s mirror , so you can make way more quickly. However, mirror writing is of little use today, although you can have a laugh with your friends by writing backwards on WhatsApp .

How to Write Upside Down on Android

This technique works on both Android and PCs and will allow you to write backwards on WhatsApp .

How to write backwards to see in the mirror

The first thing you have to do is enter this website .

Write a text and we will have three options to choose from .

  • Mirror.
  • invert.
  • reverse .

If you want to write backwards on your keyboard to send it by WhatsApp , you must give the “Reverse” option .

To share the text on WhatsApp you just have to use the SwiftKey clipboard or the Android keyboard you use. To do this, leave your finger pressed on the text until the “copy” option appears , now all the text is selected and we go to WhatsApp .

In WhatsApp , click on the keyboard and leave it pressed until the “Paste” option appears and that’s it.

Now that you know how to write backwards in Android , you could send me your own mirror text in comments . Thank you for your visit and I hope you share this content.