How UX design can improve your website?

User experience, or  UX design , is an essential component in the web design process. A good definition of it is the one maintained by the director of Kicker Studios, Dan Saffer: “It is what the customer perceives when using or trying a product and a way of seeing these products in a comprehensive way from the point of view that probably does not It matters how they are made, but the product itself and the experience it gives you.” 

That is why  UX Design  or  User Experience Design  has become a production philosophy whose main objective is the creation of these designs so that they solve the specific needs of end users, achieving, and this is the most important thing, the greater satisfaction and the best possible experience on the website or digital platform. 

The UX design process 

In this way, the majority of processes that involve the design process exclusively centered on the user, presents a central axis of objectives: to know the final users first hand based on an investigation; design a product that meets your needs and that these adapt to your expectations and, finally, test what we have created at the user level based on an initial test. 

Today,  web designers  with an interest in user experience have more opportunities to find websites like  Websiteplanet to create the best logo , a platform that is responsible for designing the best logos for companies (and it is just one of the many functions that they fulfill). ), is among the pages most in demand by designers, who come to it to develop the activities they need for their businesses. And it is that companies strive every day to achieve positive results thanks to the product they present; consistent, predictable and desirable results. The user experience is what will determine all the work that has been done in advance and, consequently, the benefits that it can lead to. 

Behavioral Research Process

This practice typically includes a process of  user behavior research , design sketches, interaction design, visual design, as well as subsequent user testing and ongoing interaction with the designs. In this way, understanding how UX design works and what it is for will determine the success of the products that we are going to launch. 

The strategic design presented by this modality does not require a process or a series of steps to follow. The set of tools and techniques that it presents is extensive and its use or resources will vary depending on what we are looking for for our company. The UX design process is closely related to understanding and designing the experience we seek from our users, and not just on an aesthetic and functional level. First we must  know their needs  and anticipate their thoughts.

Thus, UX design  encompasses different practices  depending on what we want to carry out, among them are, in summary: user research, functionality tests, information architecture, interaction design, the strategy of the content, visual design and data collection (analysis of indicators). Each aspect requires specialization and a high level. 

Website and UX

Thus,  by improving your website  with UX procedures, you will get a clean, attractive and easy-to-use page, key factors for users and visitors to spend as much time on it and come to purchase the products or services you offer. It is in this process of ‘layout’ of your website that you will begin to forge your success. Thus, a good experience translates into the possibility of raising the costs of the products, since users will be willing to bet on a quality experience. On the other hand, if the experience is not optimal, the user will not return to the same page; which will result in a loss of income. 

In this way, the visual design of your website will depend on the first impact that it has on your users. A clean design , without overloads of elements, banners or accessories will give harmony to the site. Put yourself in the user’s place and ask yourself if, in your case, if you entered a website like this you would stay longer. It is also important  to adapt the scroll  on the web, try to ensure that all the important information is displayed on the first page, in this way the user will navigate more slowly through it. 

Also, if you want  to improve the design on the web , don’t forget  to optimize it for mobile devices . It is more than proven that browsing through smartphones or tablets is surpassing that carried out from computers: usability and user experience is also important on other devices. Regarding usability, it is also important  to strengthen the search engine  so that the user can access the content more quickly. 

Another of the tricks for a good UX optimization is, if you have a lot of text to add, use  accordions . In this way you will maintain the harmony of the design without losing information and without overwhelming the visitor with so much text.