Since I use a Smart TV , the truth is that what I watch the least is conventional television, I would almost dare to say that the only thing I see is content offered by YouTube . And it is that this platform has entered our lives with great force for a few years and contrary to what many think, I think it has come here to stay. I am sure that many young people think that this platform has always been like this and the truth is that it has evolved over the years until it has become what it is today. That is why at MrAppsGeek we have considered it interesting to offer you a trip back in time so you can see what YouTube was like in 2005 ., are you ready for this temporary trip with a taste of vintage?… let’s start!.

What is YouTube and what is it for?

YouTube is an audiovisual platform owned by Google , it is used to share content in video format with other users over the Internet.

Who Created YouTube And In What Year?

It was created by Steven Chen , Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley (all PayPal employees) in 2005 to be bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion .

Source: Wikipedia

What was YouTube like in 2005?

At this point (and especially if you are very young) you may think that this platform has always looked the way it does today and the truth is that you couldn’t be more wrong. When YouTube appeared in 2005, it had a design that for users in this current year may seem horrible, but the truth is that it matched other web portal designs of the time. Would you like to know what YouTube was like in 2005 ? Well, then we will tell you a trick to know how it looked like more than 15 years ago and all thanks to WayBack Machine .

What Is WayBack Machine And What Is It For ?

WayBack Machine (Also known as ) is a database that makes backup copies of all web pages on the Internet , yes, this platform does not show the entire web but fragments of it as screenshots offering us some navigation possibility but not providing a complete user experience. In this way we will be able to visualize what a web page was like years ago even if it no longer exists, and of course we will be able to know what YouTube was like in 2005 .

YouTube In 2005 According To WayBack Machine

To see what YouTube was like in its beginnings , we must enter the WayBack Machine page from the following link .

Once inside we will look at the section where it says “Enter a URL” .

Here we must write and press Enter (We can put the web we want).

We will see in the upper part a graph where the first captures are collected in the database of the web page that we want to see as it was in the past . In the case of YouTube we will do the following:

  1. We go to where the graph begins (remember that YouTube was created in 2005 ), we click on this year.
  2. We look at the calendar, the blue circles refer to the number of times the WayBack Machine bot crawled the portal . The larger the circle, the more captures it has that day. We choose any day (the bigger the circle the better).
  3. Click on one of the links where the exact minute where the web capture was made is shown.

This is how she looked YouTube in 2005

As you can see, this is how YouTube looked in the middle of 2005

If you want you can check how YouTube was in its first year directly from the following link .

What was YouTube like according to the WayBack Machine in 2006?

Below I will post the links to what YouTube was like in the following years so that you can appreciate the subtle changes that the platform has undergone over the years to what it is today.















Now that you know how YouTube has been over the years, could you leave me a comment , expressing your opinions. Do not forget to share this article if you found it interesting… Thank you very much for everything!