I can not send photos by WhatsApp

A few days ago a reader wrote to me saying “I can’t send photos on WhatsApp, what can I do?” . It should be noted that whether the image could not be downloaded on WhatsApp or sent… the solution is somewhat ambiguous since it can be due to a large number of factors. However, it is very easy to solve as we will see below.

What do I do if I can’t send photos by WhatsApp?

You may be wondering why I can’t send photos on WhatsApp Android? . The cause can be from WiFi connection problems, problems with your operator, internal storage, that the microSD is damaged… etc…

Try to follow this series of tips if you cannot send or show failed download of photos on WhatsApp .

The Date And Time Is Incorrect

This error is very common, check that your smartphone has the current date and time , otherwise you may have problems sending photos by WhatsApp from the camera roll .

Connection issues

You may not be able to send photos by WhatsApp due to a connection problem , try connecting from another WiFi network or try another mobile data SIM . If time passes and it is not solved, do not hesitate to call your company to find out if there is any incident.

Not Enough Internal Storage

If the image could not be downloaded in WhatsApp or sent , it is likely that you have problems with internal storage . Delete some files that are not necessary to you such as: photos, videos, applications and games . Then try again to send or receive photos by WhatsApp .

Problems With WhatsApp Servers

Another possible reason why you cannot send photos through WhatsApp is that there is a problem with the servers. To find out if WhatsApp has gone down today you can check this article. In this way you can rule out whether or not it is a problem at the server level or otherwise your device.

Clear WhatsApp Cache and Data

If everything else has not worked for you and you still say “I can’t send photos by WhatsApp” , I’m sure that with this method you will solve it. To do this you must go to the following route:

  • Settings>Applications>WhatsApp>Storage> Clear Data And Cache .

In this way you will delete the data and the cache of WhatsApp , then restart and use the activation code again and that’s it.

I hope you have solved your concerns with this article, if the answer is affirmative, I would appreciate it if you shared it on your social networks, please, that helps me a lot. Thank you!