iBoysoft DiskGeeker, disk utility tool for Mac computers

If we are using Bitlocker on a disk drive on our Mac computer and we want to have everything necessary to manage it, it is best to resort to iBoysoft DiskGeeker . It is defined as a tool in charge of managing and maintaining BitLocker drives , network drives and external drives. It does its job efficiently and quickly.

It is an application capable of reading and writing drives encrypted with Bitlocker. It also supports disk encryption and decryption using FileVault or BitLocker. It also allows handling of NTFS drives in both read and write modes. Management of USB drives, flash drives and external hard drives is also possible.

To consider

The makers of this software tell us the following about it: ” If your operating system doesn’t support that drive, that’s where an application like iBoysoft DiskGeeker comes in handy… The software is useful for anyone dealing with multiple external hard drives.” on a regular basis… it’s especially useful if you’re a Mac user who works with people who frequently use Windows-formatted drives .”


Among the features offered by iBoysoft DiskGeeker, the following stand out:

  • Thanks to this application, you can work on any Mac computer with Bitlocker encryption, since it applies to drives on Windows computers. Different BitLocker algorithms (AES-CBC or XTS-AES) and encryption strengths (128 or 256 bit) help users unlock, open, and write BitLocker encrypted drives. as a native Mac drive in macOS.
  • The NTFS format is typical of Windows computers. Computers with macOS can read files in this format but cannot write anything to them. Thanks to this application it is possible to edit, copy, delete and transfer them between Mac and Windows without reformatting the drives.
  • Drive decryption and encryption is something to keep in mind. With this program it is possible to do all this. It also allows you to make backup copies of all types of files.
  • Allows you to map network drives as local drives. With this it will be possible to manage each unit from the Finder on the Mac computer. It will be possible to manage easily and efficiently any remote network unit of different protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV), keep them constantly connected and updated so that never run out.
  • The inclusion of custom configurations on the disk is also possible. From the administrator you can easily manage all the options. In addition to the ability to connect all drives, it is also possible to disconnect or put them into standby mode.


To get this application you have to access iBoysoft DiskGeeker . It will be possible to download a copy of it to test it and, if we are satisfied, proceed to purchase it.