Indeed, to search for employment

The job search is something that is repeated very frequently, especially in the times we are living in. It is appreciated that there are services and/or platforms designed to show offers in this field. Indeed ranks high in this arena.

It is one of the best known and used job search sites worldwide, since the proposals it shows are found in a large number of countries. In addition to the web space, it also provides an application for mobile devices.

What does Indeed offer?

If the website is accessed through the Indeed website , we will see, at the top, a search box with two sections. The first is intended to write the title, the keyword or keywords, or the name of the company that will serve to see the possible offers. The second section is used to indicate the city or province in which you want to work.

After installing the app for iOS or Android devices, you will need to set up a profile, which includes all the requested personal data, including employment history, personal skills, and information about academic degrees.

After specifying the data indicated in the previous paragraph, it will be possible to start using the application with all its features. There is also the possibility of adding a resume within the work history. Some data can be sent from the mobile device, and others, which are marked, will have to be sent from a computer.

By selecting a job you can see all the details of it. The Insights tab shows salary estimates or lets you know if the pay rate provided by the employer is above or below the average for similar jobs in your region. This tab also includes ratings from current and former employees so you can make sure this is a company you’d really like to work for.

To consider

If we look at the page indicated above, we will see a list of popular searches. there is also a link to upload the CV so that companies can find the person making the request. Companies also have a space to display the job or jobs they offer.

Indeed is one of the most used platforms in the field of job search and achievement. Its managers tell us that every month there are more than 250 million who use the tool worldwide. It supports a total of 28 languages, including Spanish.


To get this app for iPhone and iPad you have to access the App Store . For Android devices you have to access Google Play . It is a free application.