INDEX Web In BING and YAHOO Easy and Fast

Indexing is the action of making your content appear in the search engine and I am sure that if you have a website you will know how to index it in Google , which is, as a general rule , the search engine that 80% of users use to do their Internet searches. . The only problem is that the other 20% of searches come from other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing , which is why you should have your pages indexed in these search engines to make it easier for the user to find you through them. search engines. And this is precisely what you are going to learn today in Green Androidindex Web in Bing and Yahoo fast and easy .

How to Index Web in Bing and Yahoo

To begin with, we must enter Bing Webmaster Tools , which is the panel where we will have information about the behavior of our portal in the Yahoo and Bing search engines . We can enter this panel from the following link:

Once inside to index a website in Bing we must register, for this we will click where it says “Login Session” , as in the photo.

We will have 3 ways to log in to Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Microsoft.
  • Google.
  • Facebook.

Of the 3 I have chosen Google to be able to use the same Gmail account that I have in Google Search Console .

High Web in Bing

Now we must send URL to Bing for this we will do the following:

  • In URL : We put our website and click on “Add” .
  1. Send sitemap to Bing: We put our website followed by /sitemap_index.xml , example: .
  2. Finally we click on “Add” .

How to check the ownership of my website in Bing

Now we will be offered several methods to verify our property on Bing , the best and fastest of all is to put an XML file on our web server . To do this, we must download the BingSiteAuth.xml file , as in the photo.

Now we will enter the FTP files of our WordPress , for this we can use a program like Filezilla . Once inside we must copy the BingSiteAuth.xml file to the Public_html folder .

Check Bing And Yahoo Indexing

Now we will have to go back to the previous window and we will click on “Check”, if everything has gone well our portal will have been verified and we will be able to index the Web in Yahoo and Bing

It should be noted that sending Sitemap to Bing and Yahoo is an automatic process but somewhat slow since you will have to wait for the bot to crawl your entire website in both search engines, so it is a process that can take weeks , so be patient. You will be able to monitor in Bing Webmaster Tools all the urls that have been indexed in Yahoo and Bing as the days go by.

I hope I have helped you solve your problem easily , remember that if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that your support is very important, so I leave you all the buttons on social networks to share this content easily and quickly .