Install digital certificate in Google Chrome

The Administration is firmly moving towards total digitization , therefore, it seems reckless to want to stray from that path, whether we are consumers or simple citizens, or if we act on behalf of a company or a non-profit association.

The Chamber of Commerce is aware of this reality, which is why they count on AC Camerfirma as a Qualified Provider of Trusted Services , which is the digital certification and electronic signature authority that allows all operations carried out with the digital signature to be validated. The platform thus guarantees the identity, integrity and confidentiality of the information, as well as the non-repudiation of transactions.

Today we will tell you how to install your digital signature in Chrome with the help of AC Camerfirma, which offers, along with digital certificates, other solutions and services to improve the resources of companies and Public Administrations. Within this list of solutions appear billing platforms, time stamping services or certified electronic publications, among others.

How to install digital certificates in Software format with Google Chrome

The installation of the digital certificate in Google Chrome is simple. It is enough to go to the browser, to Google Chrome, and from there enter the Camerfirma website . Once in the portal you will find an icon with three vertical points in the upper right area.

If you click on it, a drop-down menu opens. The option that interests us is “Settings”, and within this, “Privacy and Security”. In “Security” you will find the “Manage certificates” section .

The procedure continues by clicking on “Import” and advancing the screen with “Next”. Right after this you access the download folder or the place where the document has been saved. It is important to select the option “Information exchange” (*.pxf, *.p12) .

The p12 file can be easily searched for using the search button with the magnifying glass symbol and imported. The next step is to enter the installation password, go to the email inbox and check that the certificate download confirmation email has arrived.

The PIN appears in the email to be copied by clicking the right mouse button. Later, it is time to go back to the Google Chrome import wizard window and paste the PIN . The last steps consist of “enable secure protection”, “mark this key as exportable” and “Finish”. Don’t forget to check the security level of the digital certificate.

Install certificate in Chrome from a MAC

On a Mac computer, the steps to follow are to open Finder , go to the downloads, enter the p.12 file and double click on the desired file. After this, go back to the email to recover the installation password PIN, copy the password with a double click, open the keychain and click on the “My certificates” section.

The next step is to click on “Edit”, choose the option “Change keychain settings” , check the “Block after” box and confirm “1 minute”. After that time, save and close the keychain. To confirm that the management is correct, open a tab in Chrome and go to “Camerfirma Test ”. There, select “Click here to check your digital certificate” and enter the password. If you can access the test page, everything has been done properly.

Request digital certificate

Once the steps to follow to install the digital certificate in Google Chrome have been described, and also in Mac, which can be more complex for many users, it is time to indicate how to act in case of requesting this document.

First of all, you have to check if the browser is compatible. From Camerfirma you can carry out this procedure with Chrome , but not with the FNMT certificate , which only allows you to complete the steps with Internet Explorer or Firefox .

On the other hand, you can only request natural person and representative certificates for sole and joint administrators. In the event that it is a personal certificate, the option to choose will belong to the Physical Person.

Once you enter the system, screens similar to those described start and it will be enough to follow the recommended steps .

Necessary documentation

The necessary documentation that must be provided to obtain the digital certificate is the DNI or NIE and the identity document of the country of origin or valid passport in case of being a foreign person, some document that proves the existence of the Public Administration and the powers of attorney and another document confirming control of the domain.

All these steps are fully explained on the Camerfirma website , which shows all the options to complete the procedures successfully.

Steps to get it

Finally, it is time to describe the steps to obtain the digital certificate, even if only briefly. All of them are described in depth on the Camerfirma website. It begins by reviewing the company’s agreement with Camerfirma , otherwise it will not be possible to obtain the document; Fill in the form with the required fields, wait for a response from the entity to continue with the process and, once you receive it, pay attention to the instructions.

The last steps are equally decisive: make an appointment with the registration authority, verify your identity in person and finally you can obtain the certificate.