IrfanView, one of the best image viewers

It is not the first time that someone asks me what is the best image viewer for Windows . The operating system itself, in all its versions, includes one of these viewers. This tool is valid for a large number of users, but some are not satisfied and want to find an application with more features that, in addition to allowing you to browse images, also supports other functions.

What does IrfanView offer?

There are a lot of image viewers, but IrfanView is, if not the best, one of the best. In each new version it increases its benefits. The visualization of images is accompanied by a large number of added values, which make it a unique application.

Its interface includes viewing slides, batch conversion, image adjustment and editing, resizing, panoramic composition, EXIF ​​automatic rotation, and some more options. There are a large number of plugins that increase its benefits.

The power of plugins

You should not avoid installing the plugins that are provided with the application to get everything you need. We know that in some cases it requires certain knowledge from the users, but that does not mean we stop recommending its installation.

What we must do in the installation process is pay attention to the messages that warn us whether or not to include third-party promotional components. We can, if we deactivate the corresponding options, prevent the installation of these components.


Among the features offered by IrfanView, the following stand out:

  • It includes the thumbnail view of each and every one of the images to be examined.
  • It supports some drawing options, such as adding straight lines, curves, or arrows, among others.
  • Allows changing the theme ( skin ) of the program interface.
  • Supports directory management in order to locate images.
  • Includes batch conversion of images.
  • It also implements a multimedia viewer.
  • Supports screenshot.
  • And a few more options…

News in the new versions

The following new features are included in the new versions of the application:

  • A new option when saving JPG files allows you to set the image size without using plugins.
  • Most of the plugins have been updated.
  • New functions are added in the Shell Extension section .
  • Several corrections and adjustments have been made that make the application even more powerful.
  • Support for animated WebP images has been added.


Supports most graphic file formats. Among the languages ​​it includes is Spanish. IrfanView is a free application that works on all versions of Windows.


To get this application you have to access IrfanView . A new version of it just came out today.