iSpring, to convert a PowerPoint into HTML5 or Scorm

Sometimes I need an app to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a now obsolete HTML5 file or Scorm format. So far I have used quite a few, some free and some not. In fact, LibreOffice and , office suites that I use frequently, the first one more than the second, allow you to export any document, including presentations (also PPS or PPT), to the indicated formats, although the player it uses is quite spartan.

iSpring is an application, with a free version, that is installed as an extension of Microsoft PowerPoint, in its different versions, adding five buttons to the toolbar.

What does iSpring offer?

Despite being free, its benefits are those of a professional application. It does a complete PowerPoint conversion, supporting more than 180 effects and including sound if the original file has it embedded. It also supports all slide transitions that are defined. Synchronize animations and sounds.

It is capable of including video sequences and movies in HTML5 and Scorm. The result is a file that includes, in addition to the presentation, an attractive player that includes, at the bottom, a series of buttons with specific functions: pause and resume playback, go forward or backward, slide by slide, increase or decrease. the intensity of the sound, activate or deactivate the view of thumbnails of each slide, and show the player in full screen.

To consider

It is a tool that has been active for quite some time. At first it was only capable of converting to the SWF format, the one that distinguishes Flash files, but given the decline of this type and the popularity achieved by HTML5, iSpring Converter adapted its algorithm and now it is this output format  that supports .

The application is ideal for embedding a PowerPoint presentation in a web page. You just need to upload the generated file, obtained with the converter, to your server and create an HTML page that contains it. In fact, iSpring already takes care of creating this web page, which you can keep or modify.

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

Just hit Publish to turn your slides into online courses. iSpring Free keeps all PowerPoint animations, triggers, transitions and media intact.

Use 3 types of questions to assess knowledge retention. You can set comments, number of attempts, and time limits. Add audio and video to make quizzes more engaging.

Find a relevant video on YouTube and easily add it to your course to further illustrate the topic.

Convert PowerPoint slides to HTML5, SCORM 1.2, or SCORM 2004. Easily share online or upload to your LMS to track your students’ progress.

iSpring Free makes courses automatically adapt to all devices and look great on any screen, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (running Windows, iOS, and Android OS).


To get the application you have to access iSpring . It is a tool that works with the latest versions of Windows, macOS and iOS and Android mobile devices. It also supports the most recent versions of Microsoft Office.

In addition to the free version of the program, iSpring Free , there is another paid version with more features, iSpring Pro .