Jumbo, a powerful privacy assistant for iPhone

Privacy is essential for everyone, but from what we discover every day, we see that privacy attacks are rampant everywhere. Internet, no one can deny it, gives us great satisfaction, and also displeasure.

Although we must follow a series of rules to protect our privacy , sometimes the system or systems used to achieve it are not enough. That is why it is appreciated that an application like Jumbo exists . It acts as an assistant. With it, all iPhone mobile phone users will have their privacy fully protected.

For all privacy needs

With Jumbo it is possible to manage all your privacy needs from a single place. It offers an interface that shows all the apps installed on the device that require special protection.

Thus, at this time, it is possible to activate the protection on Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Instagram, Messenger, and a few more. In some of the new versions of the application new services are added.

Clean digital life

It will not be necessary to go to each service to carry out the cleaning of all compromising data. With a simple action it will be possible to delete everything that is left over, everything that compromises our private life, in the supported services.

Jumbo ‘s Memories function will allow us to access our data, encrypted and stored securely on the iPhone. Soon it will also be possible to access data from iCloud, Dropbox, and other cloud services.

Smart Privacy for Facebook

With this option, Jumbo allows you to establish changes in the privacy settings that we have established on Facebook in a few simple steps. This will prevent us from following complex paths. You only have to select the level of privacy that you want to establish, Strong, Medium or Weak, so that the app does all the work. It takes care of changing more than 30 settings automatically.

With Jumbo it is possible to make the following privacy settings on Facebook:

  • Edit profile.
  • Face recognition.
  • Ad Settings.
  • Ad preferences.
  • Timeline and labeling.

What does it offer on Twitter?

On Twitter, Jumbo offers among other options to delete your old tweets automatically, depending on the period of time. The app can delete your daily, weekly or monthly tweets while keeping them stored locally on your phone. The deletion cap is 3,200 tweets every few days, as the Twitter API doesn’t allow deleting more.


To get this application you have to access Jumbo or download it directly to your mobile by accessing the App Store application . It is a free application that works on iPhone, which includes purchases within it, within those known as Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro. Among the languages ​​it supports includes Spanish.