Keep Windows clean and optimized with Reg Organizer

To ensure that Windows remains clean and optimized, it is necessary to eliminate everything that is registered in the Registry without carrying out any function.

We know that one of the most important files, or set of files, in the different versions of Microsoft operating systems is the Registry . It stores a large amount of information, related to the installed programs and many actions that are executed in the system.

When a change occurs, the Registry saves it, but this is not always the case, as happens, for example, when an application is uninstalled. For this reason, the files that make it up are increasing in size, which causes a loss of fluidity in the operation of the computer.

After installing any version of Windows on your computer, the computer, with few exceptions, moves fluidly, performing the required actions quickly. As time goes by, that initial speed is gradually lost, making the computer slower when running applications. One of the elements that influences this loss of speed is the Registry . There are multiple applications that deal with cleaning and optimizing it . Reg Organizer belongs to that group.

What does Reg Organizer do?

Reg Organizer locates all the problems that may exist in the registry, eliminating invalid or obsolete entries. It includes an option, Express Check , which gets all your work done quickly and efficiently. It also includes the previous copy function ( backup ), which examines and saves the data before any change is carried out, in order to avoid irreversible failures. If you notice any errors in the system after performing the cleaning and optimization, you will only have to use the backup to return everything to the previous state.

Other features

Reg Organizer not only cleans the registry but is also capable of defragmenting and compacting it in order to maximize optimization. It can be programmed to perform this action every certain number of days. The application runs smoothly on the latest versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It is a free application.

To consider

Those responsible for Reg Organizer tell us the following about it:

The utility allows you to remove unwanted programs from the system and search for traces of the uninstalled program. If there are “heavy” programs that run automatically at startup in your Windows operating system, disabling them in an advanced startup manager can, in some cases, speed up the startup time and performance of your operating system. The Disk Cleanup feature frees up space on the system disk. And this is only a part of the functions of the utility .


To get the application you have to access Reg Organizer . It is an application that works on the latest versions of Windows. It is not a free application.