KidsGuard Pro for iOS, parental control app

There are no doubts about it. Our children cannot handle a mobile device with complete freedom, we have the obligation to activate a parental control system. The best way to achieve this is by using an application that takes care of this protection, such as KidsGuard Pro for iOS .

It is a tool designed to get everything we need. With it our minor child or children will be fully protected whenever they use an iOS device, an iPhone or an iPad. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is not the only app that exists in this field, but if we do an analysis of the top 10 , we can say that it ranks first.

Features of KidsGuard Pro for iOS

If we analyze the features that adorn KidsGuard Pro for iOS , the following stand out:

  • It includes more than 20 features for iOS monitoring, such as SMS messages, calls, WhatsApp, and more.
  • There is no jailbreak required and it is 100% safe to use.
  • Installation and start-up of the application is very simple. It can be done in just five minutes with little effort.
  • It is also possible to check and monitor the deleted files.
  • A USB connection is not needed for data synchronization. This can be done through a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Allows you to check the location history of the target iOS device.
  • The iCloud data of the target can be viewed without the need to have the target iOS device at hand. 

To consider

Among the different functions that accompany this application we can indicate the following:

  • Social App Monitoring . With KidsGuard Pro for iOS it is possible to examine and monitor in detail at any time all actions in WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ and Kik chats. It is also possible to find out what media files have been exchanged, including emojis and other items.
  • Reading messages . For total control, it is very important to be able to read the messages sent and received. Thanks to this, it will be possible to find out the topics covered. It is also possible to browse deleted messages.
  • Track calls . What calls do our children make and receive? Knowing this can serve to take specific measures. It will be possible to know, in addition to the numbers, the names of the people with whom communications are established, among other aspects.
  • Perform media file verification . Examining media files may carry some risks for minors. With this application, you can browse media files stored on the target iPhone, including photos, videos, or voice notes.
  • Browse text files . With this function it is possible to see the content added in Reminders, Calendars, Notes, and the like, on the monitored iPhone or iPad.
  • Analyze Safari history and bookmarks . Being able to check the websites that have been visited and the bookmarks that have been saved in the web browser of Apple devices and computers, from Safari, can be used to find out the trips that users make through the network of networks.

How to useKidsGuard Pro for iOS?

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is an application for computers with macOS and Windows. With it, as we have seen, it will always be possible to establish full control of any iOS device in order to protect minors. Its primary purpose, as we can deduce, is to find out what regular users of an iPhone or iPad do and, based on this, take the appropriate measures to activate the protection and avoid actions that carry significant risks.

To use KidsGuard Pro for iOS you have to follow the steps indicated below:

Check in

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is not a free application, so to use it you have to create an account and buy one of the plans offered.

download and install

The second step, after purchasing the application, is to download and install it on the computer that will be used to monitor the minor.

Scan iPhone data

Surveillance is now possible. The mobile device can be examined through a WiFi connection, and also through a physical connection through a USB cable.

start monitoring

After carrying out the three previous steps, it is now possible to start the monitoring process, using the functions that we have indicated.

As we can see, installing and using KidsGuard Pro for iOS is very easy to do. Anyone can get all the benefits it offers. Its interface is very intuitive.


Having seen everything that we have indicated, we should not hesitate when purchasing an application for the protection of minors when they use a mobile device. It works smoothly, without having to make changes to the phone to remove some of the limitations imposed by Apple. KidsGuard Pro for iOS takes care of everything to get you running smoothly.

Among the different functions that it implements, there are some that stand out above the rest. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the ability to examine the deleted data, and also to record or make backup copies of all the data stored on the monitored iPhone.

We have already indicated in the second paragraph of this article that KidsGuard Pro for iOS is the application that occupies, due to its great features, the first place in the list of those dedicated to parental control. With it it is possible to find out everything that interests us about the handling of the mobile by our son or sons.

If you still have doubts about the use of this application, we invite you to discard those that are in the same group. Don’t waste time and money using similar tools. With the one we have proposed you will have everything you need. Get it and you won’t regret it.

You just have to check if your device is compatible with KidsGuard Pro for iOS . You should also do the same with respect to the computer. You have the information on the access page of the application. From there you can make the right decision.