Know the statistics of a website with SimilarWeb

If at any time we want to know the statistics of a website, we have some other tool to achieve it. What we see in the information shown does not fully coincide with reality, but it can help us to have an approximate idea of ​​visitors and page views in recent months, among other options.

More than ten years ago we talked to you for the first time about SimilarWeb at , a service that, after installing an extension in your web browser ( Google Chrome and Firefox ) or visiting the platform, will show you, when you are visiting the page of a website, a list of other pages that have similar characteristics, among other information. In 2013 SimilarWeb launched an online tool, Web Traffic Intelligence , which added to the system, capable of discovering the traffic of any website.

If you have the extension installed in your browser, you just have to click on the icon in the toolbar and, to find out more, click on More Insights at the top of the pop-up window . You can also access the service page and write the URL of a domain in the area marked Analyze any Website or App to obtain relevant information, the same that is obtained by clicking on the button indicated in the extension.

What is shown in the extension

The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers support the SimilarWeb extension , as we have indicated. If we have a web page open and we want to receive information from the site, we must click on the icon.

After clicking, a pop-up window will open that will display information similar to the one shown below:

In addition to first seeing the place occupied in the world ranking by the website, the one that corresponds to the country from which it receives the most visits, and also the position occupied worldwide in the main category that defines it, relevant information is shown about traffic in the last three months.

If we scroll down in the open window, we can see more information. Thus we will find the Bounce Rate or bounce rate, the page views per visit, the visits in the last month, and the average duration of each visit.

If we continue down, we will discover the percentage of visits by country and the sources of traffic. The Go to SimilarWeb button takes us to the service page, where we can find more information about the analyzed website.

What can be seen on the website of the service

By accessing the service’s web page, doing it directly from the extension or by typing the URL in SimilarWeb , we will be able to see, in addition to all of the above, much more information.

Thus, for example, if we analyze what is shown on the page that corresponds to the image above, corresponding to , we find the following information:

  • Place occupied worldwide: 178,214.
  • Place occupied in Spain: 6,848.
  • Place occupied in the Computers and Technology category worldwide: 252.
  • Total visits during the past month of January has been 207,000.
  • If we take into account the average number of page views examined in each visit, we see that it is 7.80, which, after multiplying it by the number of visits, results in a total of 1,614,600 page views.

In the list, structured in the left panel of the SimilarWeb information page , we will find the general data, the references, the sources of the searches, the percentage of visits from social networks, the percentage from ads , audience categories, competitor and similar websites, and related mobile apps .

If we want to obtain more information, we must resort to one of the Pro versions of the service. It is also possible to register with the service to obtain more complete information.

To consider

It is clear that this tool and others like it give approximate results. It is best to use a program like Google Analytics or the statistics provided by the web server the site is hosted on.

Google Analytics also does not offer real results because many visitors have activated a system that prevents tracking, such as plugins that deal with not showing ads or the activation of Do Not Track .

If we can download the statistics from our web server to the computer and use a perfectly configured analysis application, we can have more accurate measurements.

If we make a comparison between the above statistics and those provided by SimilarWeb , we can notice some differences. Thus, in the tool to which we dedicate this article, we see that the number of visitors (visits) in the month of January is 207,000, and in the server statistics it is 177,648.

Regarding the total number of page views, in SimilarWeb it is 1,614,600, and in server statistics it is 1,501,456. In both cases , bots or web analyzers are excluded .


To achieve what we indicate, you must access SimilarWeb. On the page we can add a domain in order to carry out its analysis. It is also possible to download the extension for the web browser.