LastPass, to manage all passwords securely

If we have a different access password for each of the services we use on the Internet, it is very difficult for us to remember them all in order to access any of these services. (We must clarify that it is not convenient to use the same password in all services).

With LastPass you will have a safe that you can open with a single access. In this safe, all the passwords you manage will be perfectly kept, totally safe. Thus, every time you go to one of these services, you will have everything you need to access.

For any browser and on any operating system

The app seamlessly integrates with all web browsers. Anytime you want to connect to a service, you can do it quickly from within LastPass . It is also possible to create forms in which your profile data is filled in automatically.

It works in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, on Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as on mobile, iOS, and Android devices. In each case, you will need to install the corresponding extension or app .

Access from the support website

The program is cross-platform. You can access it from any computer anywhere, without the need to have the application installed, you just have to access the website that supports it.

New and exciting features are included in the new version. One of them is the one that allows a trusted user to access the account that manages the passwords, activated in version 4.0.

There is also the possibility of sharing passwords through the so-called trust center. Likewise, some problems that arose in previous versions of the program have been solved.

Other features

LastPass has more features. It is capable of automatically generating strong passwords , protecting against phishing , as well as importing and exporting passwords. You can also purchase an annual subscription of the application, which allows access from mobile devices (now also available in the free version), in addition to having advanced features. The basic one is free.

Access and more…

One of the drawbacks that this application can present to some people is that the passwords are stored, albeit encrypted, online. Although the system is secure, and this option is necessary to be able to access it from anywhere, for some people it is inconvenient.

If you want to install the tool on your computer and browser, go to LastPass . There is, as we have said, a free version of the program, a Premium version and another called Families, and two for companies. Today an update of the application has been carried out.

To consider

After analyzing the results of an attack carried out initially in August 2022,  Confirmed: the attackers stole LastPass source code , we suggest reading Continue or not to use LastPass, password manager?