Learn English, French and other languages ​​for free with Busuu

We have already spoken on more than one occasion on Busuu.com ‘s mrappsgeek.com , the service for learning languages ​​online. In addition to the tools on the web, it also offers applications for mobile devices, iPhone, iPad and Android, for learning English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Spanish, among others.

The apps are capable of synchronizing the progress of any member with their online profile, being able to switch between learning on the mobile and learning on Busuu.com .

How to get the apps

These apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store or from Google Play . The applications, as we have indicated free, cover learning levels from beginner to intermediate-advanced according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). The  apps offer integrated paid updates to enjoy more features.

Learning process

Another issue is the learning process. With the free version you can access 20 units of different levels (5 units per level). For €5.83 you can choose to get a course or a Premium subscription. There is also the Premium Plus version, with even more features. The system will allow you to learn words and phrases, or practice what you have learned with native speakers, among other possibilities.

To consider

All units can be used without an Internet connection. They are based on Busuu.com ‘s highly regarded and award-winning online courses . They offer multimedia content, with images and sounds accompanying the different themes and units. When a user makes mistakes in performing the learning controls, they are recorded in order to rework those aspects.

Those responsible for this service tell us the following about the process of learning English, also valid for other languages: « Learn to speak English with a combination of our pronunciation exercises based on artificial intelligence and dialogues carried out by our teaching experts of foreign languages. You can also try our conversation exercises and practice speaking with English speakers from our online community. Learn to read and speak English with entertaining articles and videos .


If you want to learn languages ​​without being bound by schedules, Busuu.com is what you need. You can learn when and where you want. Now, with these recently updated applications, the learning facilities are greatly enhanced.


To see everything that this service offers and use the links that lead to downloading the  apps , go to Busuu.com . Thus, to get the app for an iOS device, access the App Store , and for an Android device, go to Google Play . As those responsible say: speak a language spending only ten minutes a day .