Line, more than a messaging application

Real-time communication through mobile devices is reaching high levels. Messaging applications take care of this. Who does not have the  essential communication app , WhatsApp , installed on their smartphone today ? When we go out into the street we find young and not so young tapping the keyboard, reading messages, examining images or watching videos, without noticing anything that is happening around them, sometimes taking unnecessary risks, crossing streets without noticing if cars are coming.

Something similar happens at home gatherings or when a group of friends sit at a table in a cafeteria. Technology is taking over our lives, better, it has already taken over. And some, more than less, live subjugated by their mobile phone.

Line another great messaging app

At the moment it occupies the second place in the group of instant messaging applications. (We already know which one occupies the first place). It is not only a mobile app but also everyone who has an Apple computer, a laptop or a desktop iMac can download Line for free and use it to communicate with their contacts.

The same goes for Windows users. With it you can enjoy voice calls and messages anytime and anywhere. And you won’t have to pay any extra, everything is done through your Internet connection.

Line features for Mac, Windows and tablets

The features of the application for Mac and Windows are similar to those that can be enjoyed on mobile devices, phones and tablets . You will be able to make calls and video conferences without problems. You can use it interchangeably on your mobile, on your computer and on your tablet . The only thing you have to do to use it in all of them is to register the same email address.

To consider

With Line you will have the functions and characteristics that we list below:

  • You can send unlimited messages, whatever the type, from your mobile device or from your computer.
  • Whenever you want, you have at your disposal the creation of unlimited video calls and voice calls.
  • A large number of stickers will serve as an accompaniment to your messages.
  • You can share everything you want, from voice messages to photos and videos, without forgetting to indicate your location to be located.
  • It is possible to add the artist account or accounts and receive all the news related to them.
  • And a few more. Try the application and discover them.


To know all the features of this application you must access Line . If you want to download the app for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, go to the App Store . If you want it for Android devices, go to Google Play .