Lose weight and take care of your health with MyFitnessPal

Losing weight, when certain limits are exceeded, is essential. Protecting health and maintaining a good physical preparation is essential to enjoy life. Being able to resort to an application as a help system is very important, hence the richness of MyFitnessPal . Its primary purpose is to ensure that people who download it to their mobile device or use it through the Web, achieve an ideal weight.

The service has been in operation since 2005 and has already reached more than 65 million users, and achieved that together they have reduced their weight by more than 70 million kilograms. His work focuses on providing the proper diet and controlling calorie loss, all combined with physical exercise.

To lose weight and take care of health

Mike Lee, Co-Founder of MyFitnessPal, said: “We are amazed at the success our users have experienced and their dedication to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s gratifying to know that we’ve helped so many people set and achieve their personal health and fitness goals, whether they’re looking to lose weight, train for a marathon or lower their cholesterol.”

What is MyFitnessPal about?

MyFitnessPal creates a set of guidelines that everyone who signs up for the program must follow. Not only a diet in which carbohydrates, proteins and fats are combined in adequate proportions, they serve to achieve what the users propose, walking and running accompany the actions.

Since using the platform, many have improved their habits, eating small portions of food several times a day, eating highly nutritious foods more frequently, cooking at home instead of eating pre-packaged food, and exercising more frequently. .

MyFitnessPal Infographic

MyFitnessPal is a free resource that deals with health, helping to lead a better life, focusing on a balanced diet and physical care based on daily exercise. It is supported by a database with more than 11 million foods. It provides a nutrition and physical preparation record, accompanied by suggestions to the entire community in real time.


The program works, in addition to the Web, on iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and Android mobile devices. Among the languages ​​it supports is Spanish. To get the app go to MyFitnessPal . You can download the app that corresponds to your device or log in to the web using your Facebook account. There is also a Premium version of the program with more features.

To get the app for iOS you have to access the App Store . In Google Play we can get it for Android. Both are free and include in-app purchases.