Lucidspark, virtual whiteboard application focused on graphic collaboration

Lucid , considered the leading provider of software for graphic collaboration, has just announced the expansion of its graphic collaboration suite with the release of Lucidspark .

It is a virtual whiteboard in the cloud that allows teams to work together in real time. Those who use it will have to propose ideas and also create them. It is focused on teamwork, in which the organization prevails and includes the evaluation of what is done.

About Lucidspark

Karl Sun, co-founder and CEO of Lucid. says the following about this new tool:

« The rise of remote work has brought the challenges of cross-team collaboration to the fore in daily workflows. The importance of being able to bring teams together in a common space to brainstorm and work together has never been more obvious .”

« Lucidspark ‘s intuitive digital canvas enables teams to brainstorm, collaborate and align on new ideas efficiently, as well as organize collective thinking into actionable steps, whether they are together or remotely. This is a great addition to our graphic collaboration suite that will allow us to further our mission, which is to help teams see and build the future .”

What Lucidspark Offers

With Lucidspark , all teams using the tool will become more efficient at:

  • IDEATE : Ideas can be captured and shared on a virtual whiteboard that provides the flexibility to maximize individual and group creativity. Lucidspark provides an endless canvas to brainstorm, think, and work together, even if teams are miles apart.
  • CREATE : Supports seamless collaboration and getting everyone in sync. Teams can work in real time or asynchronously and easily monitor everyone’s collaborations. Lucidspark also offers powerful features that facilitate structured sessions, such as allowing leaders to set the pace and clarify roles while participants can vote and react to help prioritize ideas.
  • ACT : You can achieve shared consensus, align teams according to priorities and transform ideas into future actions. Team members can automatically organize notes that highlight key results and show examples of actionable data, which can then be shared with the leadership structure for approval and execution. From there, teams can develop agile workflows and strategies needed to build momentum and achieve sustained project progress.

To consider

With the addition of Lucidspark , Lucid continues to complete its graphical collaboration suite, providing users with a comprehensive experience that empowers teams to explore and create the future.

Lucidspark integrates with the industry-leading intelligent diagramming application built by Lucid, Lucidchart , enabling collaboration from idea to completion.

For example, after a team brainstorms to propose the details of a new application in Lucidspark , they can move to Lucidchart to visualize the scrum teams , organizational processes, and technical systems that will be needed to make the application work. app come true.

In this way, Lucidspark passes the baton to Lucidchart seamlessly by focusing on idea generation with a space that facilitates any analysis, from strategic planning to full-scale scrum planning. Together, the suite’s products enable teams to collaborate and communicate clearly on the most complex issues, regardless of their location.

The evolution

This announcement follows a great year for Lucid, in which it secured another $52 million round of funding, surpassing $100 million in ARR and becoming a 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 list. .

Learn more about Lucid’s graphics collaboration suite here. To try Lucidspark free of charge, visit .

About Lucid

Lucid is the only graphic collaboration suite that empowers teams to see and build the future, from idea to reality. Its products, Lucidchart and Lucidspark , provide users with a comprehensive experience that enables teams to truly see and create the future, enabling collaboration and clear communications.

Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard application for the conception and group proposal of ideas, and the collaboration in real time between the different teams.

Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application that enables you to understand the people, processes, and systems that drive businesses forward.

Lucid ‘s products are used in more than 180 countries by more than 30 million users, including clients like Google, GE, NBC Universal, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as 99% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Lucid ‘s partners include industry leaders such as Google, Atlassian, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Since its incorporation in 2010, headquartered in Utah, the company has received numerous awards for its products, business and work culture. To learn more, visit .