Make backups in Windows with FBackup

Backups are always necessary. Surely you have had to suffer it on more than one occasion, the hard drive of your computer has been damaged, in which, in addition to the operating system and the installed applications, you had stored a significant number of documents, images, videos and others.

At that moment, after a gentle pulling of your hair that you did to yourself, you remembered what others had told you: ” make a backup of everything you want to keep “. But, no matter, you didn’t want to bother, you considered it a waste of time.

Perhaps you have already entered through the hoop, you already use a program that helps you in this task , but for that reason I am not going to stop making a recommendation, try FBackup , it will not cost you anything. Furthermore, with this tool you will be able to keep all the data safe in the event that your computer suffers a  ransomware attack .

What does FBackup do?

It is a powerful application designed to make backup copies of everything that is important to you. It does it easily and simply, using a very intuitive interface that does not offer any complications.

It is a veteran software, with more than four million downloads, which now, taking advantage of its update today, we bring you back to the front page. Among its characteristics we must highlight one very important one, it is a free application. In addition, it is now possible to make backup copies directly in the cloud, exactly in Google Drive.

How does FBackup work?

Its operation is clear and precise. To make a backup or backup you have to follow these four steps:

  1. Indicate where you want to save the backup, the destination. It can be a local drive, on the network, or on Google Drive.
  2. Specify the files you want to include in the backup.
  3. Select the type of copy between two possibilities: the one that compresses the files (in ZIP format) and the one that does not compress them.
  4. Explain what type of backup you want to do: automatic (every certain period of time) or manual.

Manual and scheduled copy

Remember that whenever you start a backup you will do it manually, after pressing the F6 key, but it is possible to establish a scheduled configuration in order not to lose the changes made to the files, for example, in documents that you have edited. FBackup supports several sources, units that store the files, in addition to the main hard drive of the computer, it is also possible to do it on USB drives or on local networks.


As we have already indicated, FBackup is a free application, which works on the latest versions of Windows. To get it you have to access FBackup . There is also a professional version of the program with more features, we are referring to  Backup4all Professional .