Make full backups and restores for free

We never tire of saying it, every self-respecting computer user should make backup copies of the data stored on their computer or computers to be able to recover them when necessary. At any time the hard drive of the computer can fail or the equipment suffer a malware infection and then, if we do not have any backup, we throw our hands up as a sign of regret. There are a few applications to make these copies, but  Paragon Backup & Recovery stands out for being very powerful and, furthermore, free.

What does Paragon Backup & Recovery offer?

This is software that works on the latest versions of Windows, capable of making complete backup copies, including the operating system, installed applications, settings and other data stored on the computer. Copy automation allows only new or modified files to be copied. This automation is based on the very simple configuration of a programmer with which it is indicated how often the copy has to be carried out.

Whenever a backup needs to be performed, it will be done quickly and easily, with no hassle. a full restore can be performed, for example, when the computer has been infected with ransomware or is not working as expected. It is also possible to carry out partial restorations. There is also an ideal boot system for complete or partial restorations. This system is compatible with WinPE .


Among the features that adorn this application, the following stand out:

  • Backup Capsule : Allows you to store a backup copy of a disk image in a special, fully protected location on your hard drive.
  • Different backup media : In addition to the storage indicated in the previous section, it is also possible to do so on a CD, a DVD, a Blu-Ray drive, or in the cloud.
  • Rescue Media Setup : Includes the option to create bootable rescue media, which is required to start the system.
  • Partition configuration : It is possible to create, modify and delete partitions.
  • File operations : You can create boot files, delete files included in the backup, or add new items.
  • Intuitive user interface : A user interface that is very easy to handle has recently been created, with the insertion of a wizard that helps in carrying out all the processes.


To get this application you have to access Paragon Backup & Recovery . Remember that this is an application that works without problems with the latest versions of Windows. There is the possibility of adding new paid elements to the free version of the program.