Make restaurant reservations with OpenTable

We are going on a trip and we need to go to a restaurant to eat. We want to know which are the best restaurants located in the place or places that we are going to visit. We can turn to the Internet and use Google to find what we want.

So, for example, if we visit Lugo, we can write  “restaurants in Lugo” in the search box, and several results will be shown. Although it is best to use an application on our mobile device that takes care of presenting us with complete information about the restaurants that are in a specific city. The best, or one of the best, is  OpenTable .

What does OpenTable offer?

It is a  free app for iOS devices, iPhone phones and  iPad tablets , and for Android devices that, in addition to searching for the best-known restaurants in a certain city, also allows you to make reservations at them. We are talking about an application that works worldwide.

I have to admit that in Spain there are not many registered restaurants, if we do not focus on the largest cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so there is not much to choose from, but as it is a free application it does not cost anything to install it on the mobile. New restaurants are added to the list every day.

That is one of the aspects that restaurant owners should take into account, adding their establishment to the application. They will increase the list that appears in OpenTable , of more than 40,000 restaurants at the moment. It is clear that this will have repercussions, in a large number of cases, in an increase in the number of clients.


By using the application you can achieve the following:

  • Make a reservation quickly and easily, and at no cost.
  • Discover the reviews that accompany each establishment.
  • See menus and photos of the restaurants.
  • Search according to different criteria: number of people who are going to eat, date, time, or menu prices, among other options.
  • Manage reservations during the trip. At any time you can cancel a reservation and make a new one.
  • OpenTable can be used  to coordinate meals with friends, sending suggestions and other types of information through the application.


To use this tool you have to access OpenTable . On the home page there is a search form that can be used to locate the desired restaurant.

You can also download the  app for iOS devices from the App Store , and for Android devices from Google Play . The languages ​​that both support include Spanish.