Manage files on iOS and macOS with Documents by Readdle

Being able to have an application for iOS and macOS to manage files is something to be thankful for. There are many who yearn to have an application for their mobile device that allows them to view the content of documents, play any type of multimedia file and use a powerful file manager. And, sometimes, to be able to convert between different document formats .

All this is offered by Documents by Readdle , an attractive and at the same time powerful app for iPhone and iPad and computers with macOS. Thanks to it, you will be able to read the content of text documents or PDFs, listen to what is contained in an audio file, or see what is shown in a photograph or video. It also allows annotations to be made in any of the indicated files, which are easily managed.

Viewer and manager for iPhone and iPad and macOS

With Documents by Readdle it is possible to better organize all the contents, using a very attractive interface and working very quickly. Its stability and design stand out in a set in which precision and versatility prevail. An all in one that we cannot despise.

Read all kinds of documents

The application is capable of reading Microsoft Office documents or allows you to read and annotate PDF documents. It also includes a search tool to locate what we want within a document. It is ideal not only for browsing articles but also for reading books.

media viewer

And it doesn’t stop there, with Documents by Readdle you will also be able to see all the photos of your trips, watch the movies you want anywhere and at any time, or listen to your favorite music.

File manager

And there is still more, with it it is also possible, for example, to copy documents from a PC or a Mac, establish synchronization with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and similar services, or share files with your friends. You can protect everything with a password.

Still not satisfied? Well, you can also save the attachments of your email messages, download documents from the Internet, or store web pages to view them later.

You can get Documents by Readdle for free on the App Store . Download it for your iPhone or iPad mobile device, or for your Mac computer. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.

To consider

Those responsible for Documents by Readdle tell us the following about this app :

« All your files. All in one application. The Documents by Readdle app lets you access and manage your files the way you want, all in one convenient place. It’s perfect for reading EPUB books, viewing Word and Excel documents, opening ZIP files, PDFs, images, downloading MP3s, and watching movies on iPhone and iPad .”


To find out all the features of the  app and proceed to download it, you must access Documents by Readdle . You can also download the app for your mobile devices directly from the App Store .