Manage passwords on any computer with KeePass

Passwords are essential (necessary) to use a large number of Internet services, from email to social networks, through forums and other systems in which registration is required. Hence the importance of creating and having at our disposal the passwords we need, in a secure way. For this reason, it is necessary to have an application like KeePass.

password security

It is very important to keep the passwords we use in different services fully protected , in order not to take unnecessary risks. KeePass is an application that acts as a password manager, storing them in an encrypted database. You can create different categories to organize the entries. It offers several ways to enter usernames and passwords. So you can use the typical method of drag and drop, copy to clipboard, or create auto sequences that allow the insertion of information with a single click.

What does KeePass offer?

The program allows the creation of passwords and TAN lists that have an automatic expiration after the use of a password. It also includes a password generator, password blocking, database search, import and export, among other options. There are a number of plugins that make the application more functional.

It is a free, open source application that works on all versions of Windows, on Linux, and on macOS. There are also versions for mobile devices. Among the languages ​​it includes is Spanish.


Among the most important features of KeePass , we highlight the following:

  • Highly encrypted databases.
  • Support of master passwords and key files.
  • It runs on the most widely used operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Allows you to export password lists in various formats (TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, among others).
  • Supports import in many formats.
  • Easy database transfer.
  • Support hotkeys.
  • Allows copying of database fields to the clipboard.
  • Search and classification.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Powerful random password generator.
  • Small memory requirement.

in the latest versions

The following new features stand out in the latest versions of  KeePass :

  • Improvements have been added when displaying the information in the program interface.
  • Support for Microsoft User Experience Virtualization rules is also improved.
  • The interface now scales based on screen resolution.
  • Various bugs have been fixed in the Office and Mono libraries.
  • Code optimization has been carried out
  • Minor bugs have also been fixed.


To get this application, of which a new version has just been released, you must access KeePass .