Mario Kart Tour Not Working On Rooted Phones Solution

Mario Kart Tour does not work on rooted mobiles , this is a fact and we have already seen how other titles in the past such as Pokemon Go or Super Mario Run had the same problem. But don’t worry, today in MrAppsGeek we will show you how to play Mario Kart Tour on rooted mobiles easily and quickly .

Why Mario Kart Tour Doesn’t Work On My Rooted Phone?

Well, simply because for Nintendo, Root is synonymous with cheating , this is not new, and in the past it has implemented Anti-Root security measures in other games such as:

Symptoms That Mario Kart Tour Does Not Work On My Mobile With Root

We will know that our rooted device has problems running Mario Kart Tour by the following signs:

  • Mario Kart Tour stops.
  • It often gives errors starting with 806 .

How to Play Mario Kart Tour on Rooted Mobiles

Mario Kart Tour crashes on rooted or jailbroken IOS devices . Luckily if you are the owner of an Android mobile there is a tool called Magisk that allows you to hide your status as Super User , in this way you can hide the root of Mario Kart Tour to prevent it from closing .

How to hide root in Mario Kart Tour

The first thing we must do is download the tool that allows us to do this.

Download Magisk

You can download and install Magis for free from its official website from the following link .

Hide Root In Mario Kart Tour Step By Step

We must follow the steps on its official website to hide the root of the application, which we can summarize as follows:

  1. We run Magisk and we realize that the word “pass” does not appear in the SafetyNet verification (meaning that the root is not visible to the applications).
  2. Within the Magisk Manager menu we enter the MagiskHide section and select the package that corresponds to Mario Kart Tour.
  3. We enter Hide Magisk Manager and modify the Magisk Manager app package to hide Mario Kart Tour from rooting .
  4. If we look at the main menu of Magisk Manager now the SafetyNet status should say “pass” .

In this way, we should hide the root of Mario Kart Tour , preventing the game from closing on rooted devices . If the concept is not very clear to you, then I leave you a video of how it would work applied to Super Mario Run which has the same problem.

I hope you were able to fix Mario Kart Tour not working on rooted mobile with this tutorial. I would appreciate it if you would share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot since it allows me to reach more people.