When we talk about WhatsApp , we are talking unknowingly about one of the most used applications on the planet. Thanks to this app, we can be connected with our family and groups of friends in real time. This entails a responsibility on the part of Facebook (remember that it bought WhatsApp) for keeping its messaging client updated by adding new features in order to improve the user experience. One of the most useful features back in the day were the broadcast lists , with which we could send WhatsApp messages without creating any group .

What is a WhatsApp broadcast list and what is it for?

If you want to send a mass message on WhatsApp without a group, there is a very convenient way to do it and it is thanks to broadcast lists . Thanks to them, it will be possible for us to send a single WhatsApp message to 256 contacts at the same time . The best thing about this function is that all contacts will receive the same message at the same time from the same sender and without the need to create any group. The latter is something very useful and necessary since when we are added to a group without our consent Others can also see our phone number and it violates the privacy of the person which is a crime.

It should be noted that the WhatsApp broadcast lists have a filter for spam , thanks to this, only people who have their sender saved in the contacts of the application will be able to see the message.

Massive WhatsApp Sending How is it done? 2023

The first step that we must do is enter our WhatsApp and click on the top right to display a small menu . In this section, the option that we are going to use is “New Diffusion” , we enter inside.

To create the broadcast list we must select all the contacts to whom we want to send a mass message on WhatsApp . Remember that you can add up to 256 contacts but they will only see said message if they have saved you in the contact list . Once we finish the WhatsApp broadcast list, click on “Accept” at the bottom right .

Make a Mass Send by WhatsApp 2023

Now it is as easy as making our message and clicking “Send” .

And that’s it, we already know how to send a massive WhatsApp message without adding anyone to groups . If you have any questions you can ask me a question, I promise to answer. If the article has been useful to you, you can share this tutorial with your social networks, please do so, that helps me a lot , thank you!