Motionleap, to animate photos on iPhone and Android

Animating photos and turning them into a small video is something that is being used more and more frequently. Motionleap is an app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to animate a photo in order to make it stand out from the rest. To achieve this, it offers a remarkable number of elements in the preparation. This way you can add locks of hair, clothing and decorations, as well as external elements, such as clouds or waves.

If you dedicate yourself to artistic creation or are an amateur, with this tool you can easily achieve what you want. Although it is a free app, to get all its benefits it is necessary to resort to purchasing the appropriate elements within it.

What does Motionleap offer?

With Motionleap it is possible to create an animated photo in just a few seconds. You just have to move around the application screen and select what you consider interesting. You can define the direction of movement. For this, it is necessary to place reference points destined to fix the positions of the photo. The use of filters allows the addition of artistic elements and the freezing of movements.

One of the functions that distinguishes this application from other similar ones is its ability, being a photo editor, to create a simple video, a kind of animated gif . This will serve to show your friends and acquaintances, after sharing your creations, the artistic abilities you possess.

Motionleap Features

Among the features that adorn Motionleap, the following stand out:

  • It offers a simple and intuitive interface to generate professional quality animated photos.
  • It implements a practical system to move widgets and simple tools to control movement in photos.
  • Add creative camera effects to simulate motion in cinematic quality.
  • It also offers unique camera effects such as tilt, zoom and Vertigo effect to distort perspective.
  • It is possible to choose from a wide range of sunsets and blue skies, and animate them with this automatic tool based on artificial intelligence.

To consider

Those responsible for this app tell us the following about it:

« Magically bring your photos to life with just a few taps! The creative possibilities are endless. Animate any part of your photo and create moving masterpieces with Motionleap photo editor .


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To download the application directly to our mobile device we can access the App Store or Google Play.