Movavi, to create videos, photos and slides

This tool packs features like video editing, file conversion, screen recording, and more into one easy-to-use interface.

With digitization on the rise, we all yearn for a productive personal computing experience. What we need is a secure website with a highly efficient software suite that makes our work seamless.

Movavi is a provider of multimedia programs that allows you to work with photos, music or videos from any device or platform. It’s a simple and fun way to enhance, edit and share your content with the world.

Available for Windows and Mac, it features an easy-to-use interface with a helpful tutorial that enables anyone to create professional-level video and photo editing.

What tools does Movavi offer?

Movavi is a program to create photos, videos and presentations that puts all the tools in a single application.

The video maker is suitable for both beginners and professionals and includes quick filters, transitions and basic video manipulation. You can quickly import files from any source and also connect the device and use the program while recording a scene.

Another aspect to take into account when using Movavi is a photo editor that allows you to easily cut out objects from an image, change the background color, and exchange it for another image. Movavi has one-click photo enhancement tools. It is a multifaceted photo editor that allows you to extract background elements in photos and perform many other interesting tasks.

To create slideshows, you can use Movavi Slideshow Maker, an application that adapts to the user’s needs. It is a simple yet powerful slideshow maker, it allows you to easily create a slideshow with just 3 easy steps: upload images, choose transition style and add audio as needed.

One of the key features is themes. Depending on the type of photos and images, the overall appearance of the slide show can be enhanced.

To consider

It is not difficult these days to produce high-quality content. People are always looking for something new and fresh and Movavi has a number of advantages that meet the needs of the user:

  • It comes with a visually appealing user interface that is simple and easy to navigate;
  • Offers a vast library of video filters;
  • Offers automatic sorting of photos into albums based on data;
  • It can work with a large number of image formats to support photos taken on different devices;
  • You can find duplicate images in Windows Photo Gallery;
  • You can quickly edit any video;
  • It is available in a wide range of languages;
  • Allows you to add photos to the video.

To get all these functions in an easy way, you have to visit the right website and enjoy all the tools it offers.