My Mobile Only CHARGES When It’s OFF

If you have come this far, it is because you are doing the following search on the Internet, “My mobile only charges when it is turned off” . This is a bug that a lot of users experience on their Android phones . Today we are going to give a series of tips to try to repair this error , since there can be many causes that a mobile phone only charges when it is turned off .

Why does my mobile only charge when it is turned off?

If the mobile does not charge when it is turned on , let me tell you that the causes of this problem can be very variable, since they can range from:

  • Bad battery calibration.
  • A bad firmware update.
  • Problems with the charger.

Next we will see some tips to solve that your Android mobile only charges off .

How to fix that the mobile only charges off?

If the mobile only charges if it is turned off , the first thing we should use is an application that calibrates the battery .

Download Battery Repair Advanced

This application will analyze all the cells of your battery and calibrate it, increasing its performance and its useful life. You can download Advanced Battery Repair directly from the Play Store at the following link .

Calibrate Android Battery Without Programs

In any case, you can always calibrate the Android battery without root with this tutorial.

Check if you do not have physical problems

It is worth experimenting with other compatible chargers to see if the mobile only charges off .

Restore Factory Defaults

If your Chinese mobile only charges off as a last option, you can always restore it to the factory , in this way you will have it as you had when you bought it. But… be careful, you will need to make a complete copy of Android since you will lose all your data , do this only as a last resort .

I hope I have helped you find the solution that your mobile phone only charges off . Don’t forget that you have comments to share experiences and share this article if you liked it, that would help me a lot. Thank you!