My mobile’s WiFi is DISCONNECTED every so often

Wi-Fi is one of the most used functions of our mobile phone since it allows us to connect quickly and comfortably to the Internet and the best… without cables! This, despite being wonderful, can also be frustrating when my mobile’s WiFi disconnects all the time , being quite annoying. But do not worry if your WiFi disconnects only on Android , here I bring you a series of solutions .

Why Does My Smartphone’s WiFi Disconnect?

Normally it is usually due to specific problems in your Internet network , other times, however, it is due to a bad configuration in “Advanced Wi-Fi Settings” . Next we will see what to do if your wireless Internet connection is continuously disconnected.

My WiFi goes out all the time from my mobile, how do I solve it in 2023?

My WiFi disconnects all the time on my cell phone, I don’t know what to do! Don’t worry, don’t worry, then we are going to see a series of solutions to eradicate this problem.

Disconnect WiFi In Suspend

If you are wondering why the WiFi is disconnected all the time , it is very likely that you have the WiFi option in active sleep . This system allows you to save battery by deactivating Wi-Fi from time to time to avoid battery drain, but of course… if I activate it… the WiFi goes out all the time from my mobile! . Therefore, it is necessary to disconnect this option, then I leave you a video where it is shown how it is done.

  • Wi-Fi settings>Configure Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi sleep (NEVER).

Restart Your Mobile

Yes, it may seem like a somewhat simple solution but you can’t imagine the number of problems that are solved with a simple restart . That is why, if the Wi-Fi is disconnected from time to time , try to restart the mobile .

Power cycle the router

If the Wi-Fi disconnects all the time on your mobile and the other 2 solutions do not work for you, try restarting your modem , this solves the Wi-Fi connection problems in most cases . You only have to turn off the router for 5 minutes and then turn it on again, once it has restarted, check if you still have connection problems .

Contact Your Internet Company

If the rest does not work for you, contact your Internet distributor to find out if there is any incident in your area.

restore mobile

If all of the above does not work, you can always restore the phone to the factory by doing a Hard Reset , remember to make a complete Android backup as you will lose all the information on your phone.

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