MY PC SHUTS OFF BY ITSELF With Windows 10, 8 and 7

If you have come this far, it is because your PC suddenly shuts down on its own and you want to find a solution , am I wrong? Today we are going to see the possible causes and solutions for which a PC turns itself off without warning , stay until the end of the article to find the answer!

My PC Shuts Down By Itself, What Can I Do?

If your PC turns itself off after a while , don’t worry, it’s the hibernation mode of Windows 10, 8 and 7 , this can be configured very easily to set the time in which we want it to turn off (hibernate) . This is actually a very useful function, since for example, if for whatever reason we are absent or we forget to turn it off and the PC turns itself off after 10 minutes , we will save energy, but… how is this configured? too easy !.

Fix My PC Shuts Down By Itself With Windows 10, 8 and 7

The first thing we must do is press the right mouse button on the desktop and enter “Display settings”.

Then we will click on “Start / Shutdown and Suspend” on the left and in “Suspend” we will set the time we want it to turn off (I have it set to NEVER).

Next we will put more situations in which your Windows PC turns off by itself and their possible solutions .

Why does my PC turn itself off from one moment to another?

This problem can have many causes, for example:

Why does my pc turn itself off and restart?

If your PC shuts down by itself and restarts, you may have a virus, registry problems, or have had a specific problem when running a program . Try to run a good antivirus , antimalware or repair Windows registry with CMD .

Why Does My PC Screen Turn Off By Itself?

Don’t worry, this as a general rule is not an error , it is just a system that Windows has to save energy , by default it is established so that the screen of your PC turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity . We can change these values ​​by right-clicking the mouse and clicking on “Display settings” . Once inside, we press “Start / Shutdown and sleep” to the left and to the right we can put the minutes of screen suspension .

Why Does My PC Shut Down When I Play?

If your computer shuts down when playing, it may be due to various problems, although as a general rule it may be due to:

  • Problems with the graphics: It may be that your graphics card is defective , try to install the latest drivers for your graphics .
  • Power supply issues: When running games, the wattage drain due to graphics load increases , your computer may shut down when playing games because your power supply does not supply enough power to the graphics card , try changing the source by one of more W.

My PC Shuts Down By Itsself And Beeps

This is an unequivocal symptom of a hardware failure on your PC , that is, you have a defective part on your computer or a bad connection between components . It is best to take your computer to a technician to find out what part is failing you.

My PC Shuts Down By Itself And I Get A Blue Screen

A blue screen in Windows is an unequivocal sign that something is wrong, the causes can be very diverse. In MrAppsGeek we already saw how to solve the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT blue screen error message , although the truth is that there are many causes for the screenshots, which can range from:

  • A bad Windows update.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Viruses and Trojans .
  • Log file problems.
  • Lack of driver updates.

The best thing in these cases is to download Windows 10 free and legal and completely restore your computer .

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