A few months ago DrossrotZank brought us a mystery related to some sinister-themed videos called TRYGF  where we could see a compilation of strange videos . That is why today at MrAppsGeek we bring you another scoop and that is that a new viral challenge is becoming fashionable among YouTubers called “Never Put A Dot In The YouTube Search Engine” , in fact they warn that it could be dangerous . But… is all this that is being told true ?

What Happens If I Put A Dot In The YouTube Search Engine?

This supposed mystery begins when we add a (.) in the YouTube search engine and the algorithm returns results in relation to said search. The first thing that strikes us is that almost all the results are Arabic (something normal since the beginning of the sentence begins with a “dot”).

Among all the results we will enter the first one, which is a sentence in which it says this. . As soon as we enter and see the YouTube thumbnails we will realize that something is not right in these videos since some of them are downright chilling .

. What Does It Mean Translated Into Spanish ?

Ok, having come this far, it is normal for all this to seem strange and strange to you, however, everything takes a turn when we translate . آمراة تدعى أنها السيدة مريم العذراء بأنها متزوجة من المسيح since it gives us a somewhat strange translation which says the following:

  • A woman claims to be the Virgin Mary married to Christ.

Some Examples Of Videos. آمراة تدعى أنها السيدة مريم العذراء بأنها متزوجة من المسيح

Next we will leave you some of the videos that you can find in the YouTube search engine if you write a point .

Is it dangerous to put a dot in the YouTube search engine?

From what we have been able to investigate, these are only channels where compilations of strange videos sent by WhatsApp of very low quality are uploaded, although it is seen that some users are taking advantage of the new fashion to upload really disturbing videos. In fact, Jordi Wild in his El Rincon De Giogio channel, thanks to his investigations, has discovered that in one of the channels called Some Browser From The Internet there is a link to a private WhatsApp group supposedly illegal that steals the data of users who they access it.

If you want to know more then I will leave you his video where you will find more information about the subject:

From his channel, Jordi Wild has promised that if he reaches a whopping 300,000 likes, he will enter the private WhatsApp group to find out what is inside from a prepaid card .

We can only say that this is surely a harmless channel for collecting jokes and memes , what happens is that we already know how this Internet works, the strange and disturbing is what sells. However, we do not recommend any user to access this private WhatsApp group since you never know how dangerous it could really be .

And what do you think of this trend of looking for videos that begin with a period on YouTube ? Do you dare to do it? You can leave me your opinion in comments, and I also remind you that you can share this article with your friends on social networks, that help me to continue making articles like this one…