New features in Caliber, a great e-book manager

Electronic books, despite all regrets, are in fashion. There are already many people who read more works in the formats that make up the group of e-books than on paper.

This means not only having a specific device for this purpose, an object that is used to read these books, but also having the necessary tool or tools to manage the ones we have stored on the computer.

In the group there is an application that stands out from the rest, we are referring to Calibre , which we have already talked about here on other occasions and which we bring back to the front page after presenting a new update with new functions.

e-book manager

It is an excellent free program that allows you to have full control of your e-books (electronic books). Not only will it allow you to manage your entire collection, but you will also be able to convert from one format to another, synchronize with the most popular electronic book reading devices and read any e-book .

For Windows, Mac and Linux

You can sort the books by title, by author, by date or by other fields. You will be able to download book covers from the Internet, add tags and comments that serve to enrich reading.

The conversion between formats borders on perfection. Caliber , we can assure you, supports all the current formats of this type of component. The application works on the latest versions of Windows, on macOS and on Linux. There is also a portable version of the program.


These are the most outstanding features that adorn this multi-platform application:

  • Library Management.
  • E-book conversion.
  • Synchronization with electronic book reading devices.
  • Downloading news from the web and converting them into an electronic book format.
  • Spectator Integral e-book.
  • It works as a content server for online access to your book collection.
  • Electronic book editor for the main formats.

in the new versions

In addition to the correction of errors, in the new versions an assistant has been added that allows the search of books by date in each personal library.

The program also allows you to establish a field for comments, name of the author or editor, among others, after examining the metadata.

The tag search engine has been enhanced, the addition of custom buttons in the status bar is allowed, and support for RAR 5.0 has been added.

If we focus on the latest version, these are the added functions:

  • Full text search: You can now search the full text of all the books in your Caliber library.
  • Support for new CPU architectures: Apple Silicon and ARM64 on Linux. Removed support for 32-bit CPUs because Qt 6 doesn’t support them.
  • Dark mode in Calibre is now controlled via a setting in Preferences->Appearance instead of an environment variable.
  • Allow to choose different icon themes for light and dark mode in Preferences->Appearance .
  • Update Caliber to use Qt 6. This means that some discontinued third-party plugins may not work, although most plugins have already been added.


To get this app, you need to access Calibre . Remember that it will not cost you anything, that it is a free application. As we have already indicated, a new version of it has just come out today.