New version of AnyTrans, the great comprehensive iPhone manager

All of us who have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, and want to synchronize it with our computer, usually use iTunes, after connecting the PC or Mac with the device through a USB cable. So we can have a copy of the content stored on the phone or tablet on our computer. It is the usual method of exchanging files, of certain files.

What does AnyTrans offer?

If we want to achieve advanced management of iOS devices on Windows or macOS computers, it is best to turn to an application like AnyTrans , which offers much more. With it we can not only copy data from the device to the computer but also from one device to another.

The method is very simple. After installing the application on our computer and connecting the device or devices to it, we must run AnyTrans . It will take care of analyzing the connected device or devices and, after a short period of time, displaying what it has found. It is ideal for having the music that we like at all times, to watch the movies that you want from your iPad, to examine your selfies and any photo taken with your iPhone, and for much more.

How AnyTrans works

From that moment on, several options are activated in the program interface. Thus, in the event that we connect, for example, an iPhone, the following will be displayed:

  • A table is displayed with graphic and textual data showing the capacity of the device and the free and occupied space, as well as the space allocated to the various contents, including that occupied by the device’s operating system.
  • Four buttons used to activate the possible actions. Thus it is possible to send the content that we indicate to iTunes, to our computer or to another device. We can also indicate the addition of content from our computer.
  • A list of all the elements found in different sections: audio, videos, photos, books , apps , notes, contacts, calendar, iCloud, system and much more. Actually, a complete list will be displayed with everything that can be sent to another computer. Clicking on any of the buttons will access a window that shows the content, perfectly structured, or access to a service, such as iCloud.
  • In addition to what has already been mentioned, framed in the active tab, there are others with a particular structure and content. In the upper right part there are also some buttons that are used to refresh the screen, make a copy of the content file, establish custom settings and eject the active device.

in the new version

In the new version of AnyTrans released today, 8.5.0, new features have been added to the program’s interface, among other options. Some bugs detected in previous versions have also been fixed.

To consider

Those responsible for AnyTrans tell us the following about this application:

AnyTrans breaks the limits of syncing to offer you a complete transfer across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. Now go one step further to do it with just drag and drop. Your data and files can go directly anywhere you want .

Just got a new iPhone? Warm it up with your sweet memories. No matter if you are upgrading from an old iPhone or Android phone, AnyTrans migrates all your essentials with one simple click: photos, music, contacts, messages and anything else you need. You can even move apps and app data in one go. You no longer have to download apps one by one manually. Also, AnyTrans can permanently erase everything on your old iPhone.

Access and more…

As we can deduce, after reading the above, thanks to AnyTrans we can turn our iOS device into a USB drive, with the possibility of managing its content easily and intuitively.

To get the application you have to access AnyTrans . You can get a free trial of it and install it on your computer. It works smoothly on Windows and macOS computers.