Nextdoor Your Neighborhood App Creates Neighborhood Events

Have you moved to a new neighborhood and you don’t know your neighbors ? Do you want to have a barbecue and invite your neighborhood? better, offer a service, create a lost property post etc…

What is Nextdoor and what is it for?

Nextdoor the app for your neighborhood is a social network that allows you to establish direct contact with your neighbors at a local level , thanks to the postal code and address. It serves to establish a close bond with your neighbourhood, for example you can make friends in your neighborhood, have a barbecue or a party, hold a cheer, raise money

How to register on Nextdoor

To register with Nextdoor , the first thing we must do is install it from Google Play.

Download Nextdoor Free

You can download Nextdoor for free from the following link .

Once downloaded, the first thing we must do is click where it says “Join your neighborhood” .

It is here where we will have to enter our postal code and our address, in this way Nextdoor will be able to locate our community of neighbors to start making proposals. Once our address has been entered, we will click on “Join your neighborhood” .

We must also put our name, surname and gender (male or female) .

If Nextdoor locates our location , it will appear reflected on a map , as in the photo, so we will click on “Next” .

Finally and to finish the Nextdoor registration we must enter our email address and password , we will click on “Continue” and they will send us an email to verify our account .

How to use Nextdoor

To use Nextdoor , all we have to do is click on the bottom left, if we have done it correctly, a menu will appear with the following options:

  • Post.
  • Survey.
  • Event.
  • Urgent Alert.
  • Private message.

For example, if you want to know the opinion on a neighborhood issue we could click on “Survey” .

Then we must choose at least 7 neighbors from your town to make the proposal, then we click on “Next” .

Now we just have to create a survey and ask the pertinent questions.

Is Nextdoor Secure?

Nextdoor is safe, so you don’t have to have any kind of problem. The only thing that is not safe is the information that a neighbor can share about you , whether it is the subject of a joke or similar.

Nextdoor Reviews

In Google Play there are moderately positive comments about Nextdoor , in fact the application has a 4.2 out of 5 , the only “but” is that you have to give too much personal information to the app in order to register. Here are some of the comments from the Play Store.

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