Open RAR Files With Password WITHOUT KNOWING IT

You have reached MrAppsGeek because when trying to decompress a RAR file you have noticed that it has a password . This is undoubtedly frustrating but do not worry that below we will explain how to open RAR with a password without knowing it easily .

Open RAR Files With Password Online Not Recommended

There are some portals that promise to open RAR files with a password online , we honestly do not recommend the use of these websites since this requires in most cases having to upload the RAR to the portal for the process to begin. The fact is that for security you never know where the data from that file can end up.

However, below we are going to offer you a tool called ARCHPR that despite being paid, has a free version that will allow you to decompress RAR with a password without knowing it easily .

ARCHPR The Best Program to Open RAR Files with Password in Spanish

To open RAR files without having the password we can use this tool that despite being in English its operation is simple, apart from that I will explain how to use it in Spanish.

Download ARCHPR Free

Despite the fact that this program to open password-locked RAR files is paid (€49). It has a free trial version which we can download from the following link .

How to Open RAR File Without Knowing the Password

The first thing we must do is install ARCHP R, when we get to the license section we will directly click “Next” in this way we can try the free trial version .

We will choose the installation path, once selected we will click “Next” again , as in the photo and in this way the installation will begin .

How to Open .RAR Without Knowing the Password

Now it is as simple as directly dragging the RAR with password on the tool , as in the photo.

In this way ARCHPR will find the RAR password by brute force , this can take some time so you will have to be patient.

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