Optimize laptop battery performance with BatteryCare

You take it from one place to another. You use it frequently and therefore you need to always have it ready. I mean your laptop. To achieve what you want, you need to always have the battery ready, with the necessary charge so that the equipment can start up and start working. BatteryCare will help you achieve what you want. It is an application designed to optimize the use and performance of your laptop’s battery.

BatteryCare takes care of optimizing the use and performance of any laptop running Microsoft’s operating system. It works by monitoring the discharge cycles of the battery, managing to increase its autonomy and make its useful life longer.


Among its most important characteristics, the following should be highlighted:

  • Monitoring of battery discharge cycles . Thanks to the algorithms used, the records that show a download cycle will be displayed. A prompt will be displayed each time a full download is required.
  • Complete information on battery characteristics . Shows detailed information about the battery, such as the level of wear, its capacity, consumption, manufacturer data and more.
  • CPU and hard drive temperatures . It indicates at all times the temperature of the CPU and the hard disk.
  • Selection of the power supply . Depending on the power source, BatteryCare can automatically select the desired power plan.
  • Control of Windows Aero and demand for services . Disable accelerated graphics in the latest versions of Windows, from Vista onwards, which consume a lot of battery. They reactivate when the computer stops using the battery.
  • Notification area . Shows in the system tray, in a pop-up window, complete information on temperatures, charge status, remaining operating time, among other data.
  • Automatic updates . When there is a new version of the program the update will be carried out.
  • Light application . BatteryCare is an application that consumes very few resources, around 0.1% of processor and memory.

To consider

This is an ideal application for everyone who uses a laptop very frequently. BatteryCare is in constant development. If at any time a bug is detected, it is recommended to access the support website and explain what is happening to the person responsible for the application.


BatteryCare is free software that works on the latest versions of Windows and you can get it by accessing BatteryCare .