Optimize Mac computers with the new CCleaner

Keeping any computer optimized is essential. To do this, it is necessary to delete everything that is left over on the computer. A classic application in this field, which takes care of carrying out what is indicated, is CCleaner , with versions for Windows computers and also with macOS.

There is now a new version available for Mac computers. It offers some important improvements that help make this essential optimization tool even more useful. There is a free and a paid version of the software, Professional , to choose from, and both have undergone major developments.

What does CCleaner for Mac offer?

CCleaner offers an updated tool to analyze hard drives and find out which applications and files can be removed in order to get better performance. It also offers an option to clean the contents saved in the browser or web browsers in order to protect privacy.

It is an ideal application to recover space on the hard disk that is occupied without meaning. After conducting an examination, it makes an application removal proposal that includes everything that is not necessary. The list includes applications that have never been used or that have been used for a long time.

Cleaning the web browser is also very important, since not only will it be possible to recover space, but it will also delete everything that threatens privacy, such as cookies and cache.

In the case of wanting to get more features, you have to opt for the Professional version of CCleaner . With it, many cleaning options can be carried out automatically, such as emptying the trash and optimizing the browser or web browsers.

Differences between the free version and the paid version

Features offered by the free version include: tidy up clutter, find duplicate files, and uninstall redundant apps. In the Professional version, in addition to the above, photo analysis, automatic cleaning of web browsers, importing bookmarks in the browser, and automatic emptying of the trash are also added.

To consider

Those responsible for CCleaner tell us the following about the application:

« Enjoy the world – renowned optimization power of CCleaner . Detect unwanted system junk and delete it to gain extra space. Find and clean cache or temporary files and automatically empty the trash. Find and remove duplicate files in just a few clicks and reclaim even more space .”


To find out more about this application and download it, access CCleaner . As we have already indicated, there is a free version and a paid version, the Professional .