Paint For Whatsapp How To Send Drawings By Whatsapp

Sending drawings by Whatsapp is a function that was recently implemented by the most used messaging client of all time. But the truth is that its use is somewhat tedious and it doesn’t hurt to use external apps to Send Drawings By Whatsapp . And it is that today’s application perfectly fulfills its task, it hardly takes up space and is an ideal complement to complement it with our favorite messaging service . And it is that Paint For Whatsapp will be an application that will undoubtedly give something to talk about.

paint for whatsapp android

The functions of Paint for WhatsApp Android are very diverse, it will not only allow us to draw pictures to send by WhatsApp , no, we can also write on a screenshot from Google Maps and send the correct route to the recipient.’

Another option is to write and draw on our photographs, giving a slightly artistic or comical touch when drawing pictures to send via Whatsapp .

How to send drawings by WhatsApp

Sending drawings by Whatsapp is as simple as downloading Paint For Whatsapp from the link below:

To see the link you will need to do a social action, giving +1 in Google Plus is enough.

Send Drawings by Whatsapp

Once Paint For Whatsapp is installed , a window like this will appear:

  1. Make drawings to send by Whatsapp.
  2. Delete drawings.
  3. Back.
  4. new portfolio
  5. Send drawings by Whatsapp

These would be the different functions of Paint For Whatsapp 2.0 . So let’s see how we make a freehand drawing with this great app.

Once the drawing that we like is done, we click on the icon to send by WhatsApp .

We select the person to whom we want to send the drawing by Whatsapp .

And that’s it, we can easily make drawings to send by Whatsapp .

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