Pale Moon, web browser focused on efficiency and customization

Using an efficient and highly customizable web browser is very important. High protection is increasingly necessary to travel on the Internet. We cannot trust what we find on some disreputable web pages, where they encourage us to download an application or tool. If we do, we will discover that what was promised was false, what was is not, and our computer is filled with malware.

Web browsers, some more and some less, offer some protection functions, but often they are not enough. Another issue to take into account when browsing is fluidity, getting the pages to load quickly.

Pale Moon, a particular clone of Mozilla Firefox

Do you use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser to travel the Internet? We all know that it is a high-performance application, but still there is the possibility of achieving more.

To do this, you have to resort to a clone, a copy prepared several years ago to get the most out of the processors implemented in current computers. This is Pale Moon , a browser that looks the same as Firefox that supports the same extensions, themes and identities, of which a new version has just been released recently. The project behind this tool is open source.

What does it offer?

When you proceed to install Pale Moon , all Firefox settings, extensions, and bookmarks are imported into the new browser. Everything is the same, except for the logo and the speed gain. Fully optimized code better manages scripts that flood web pages. Memory consumption is also lower.


Among the functions that  Pale Moon includes are the following:

  • It is fully optimized for modern processors.
  • It is supported by an engine of its own design, known as Goanna.
  • It is totally safe. It uses Mozilla code, in which some changes have been made. It is updated periodically.
  • Add additional security features.
  • All browser advancements are based on the support of the user community.
  • It offers an efficient interface, fully customizable.
  • Implements support for entire themes. It admits total freedom for the design of any element.
  • Supports support for lightweight themes.
  • It includes a smooth and fast drawing and processing of the writing page.
  • It is highly stable, resulting in fewer browser crashes.
  • It supports support for many Firefox extensions.
  • It also supports support for an increasing number of extensions unique to Pale Moon .
  • Includes extensive and growing support for HTML5 and CSS3,
  • It supports broad compatibility with image formats, including WebP and JPEG-XR.
  • It supports many customization and configuration options.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« This browser, while quite similar to Gecko-based browsers like Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey in the way it works, is based on a different (forked) layout engine and offers a different set of features. Its goal is to provide close adherence to a balanced set of common-sense official web standards and specifications in its implementation (with minimal compromise), and deliberately excludes a number of web APIs and features to strike a balance between general use, performance and technical advances on the Web .”

Access and more…

Pale Moon ‘s code is based on Firefox’s, offering the same levels of security. For performance reasons, parental controls and certain accessibility features have been disabled.

To get the application you must access Pale Moon . It works on the latest versions of Windows and on Linux. There is also a portable application of the program, valid to take with you on a USB disk. It is also possible to download the language pack for Spanish, among other possible ones.