PDF Bob, an online PDF editor for everyone

Everyone, or almost everyone, knows the benefits offered by the PDF file format. The documents created can include, in addition to text, images, tables and all kinds of graphics, among other elements. There are quite a few applications dedicated to creating and editing these types of files. But if we don’t want to install anything on our computer and have a large number of options, the best we can do is resort to PDF Bob , a free online tool that we can use directly in any web browser.


PDF Bob offers a lot of features. These are the most prominent:

  • Text Tool : Allows you to add any portion of text to any PDF document.
  • Sticky notes : If we need to add annotations to the document, we can do it easily, with no limits on the amount of text added.
  • Highlighting tools : It is possible to highlight any portion of text. It also supports underlining and marking process.
  • Shape tools : We can use various elements to add annotations. The list contains rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows.
  • Use of pencil : The use of a pencil to mark certain portions of a document is something that has always existed. This option is included in PDF Bob .
  • Sign a PDF : This option is not yet active, but it will be soon. With it it will be possible to create a signature and add it to all the documents created.

What the publisher offers

Whenever we want to create or edit a document that has already been created, we can resort to a series of tools that serve to give it a special touch. Thus it is possible to add images in a large number of formats. It supports JPG, PNG or SVG, among others.

It is clear that the possibility of adding text in different types and styles is contemplated. It will always be possible to give it a special touch using the formats that best suit each document.

If we like to draw and we want to add drawings to the document, we can do it without problems. The included editor offers us that possibility. We can also add new shapes to the document.

Soon we will have two interesting options, the one that will allow us to add outgoing hyperlinks and the one that will help us to eliminate portions of text.

Manage and convert PDF documents

With PDF Bob we can rearrange the pages of a PDF, changing their order. It is also possible to add new pages and protect the documents created with a password, in order to prevent their modification.

And not only what we have indicated, it also supports the combination of several documents. We can also convert a PDF document to a Word document, in DOC or DOCX formats, which will be easily editable.

PDF Bob also includes the possibility of storing the documents created on its servers, as well as adding them to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


To use this tool you have to access PDF Bob . As we can see, the tool is in Spanish, among other possible languages.